I Beat Dan/#Haiku will be late


Hi all,
It’s late Friday and ordinarily at this time I would calmly be counting syllables. However, after a night of soul searching through Narragansett’s at The Safe, UchARTed, and The Zorba Room I had to decide what was really important to me.

A few days ago I rode the Bruce Freeman trail four times and then just for added measure decided to throw in a ride through down town. It would have been a peaceful little jaunt, but there’s this thing called ‘Strava,’ an ap which makes even the humblist monk-like bike rider want to compete on the Rosie Ruiz level. Strava has a thing called “King of the Mountain,” a title given to any member of the cycling community who can run whatever small stretch of road that might be in the quickest time. Dan “Tobes” Tobin WAS the King of the Mountain for downtown stretch of Merrimack Street from the canal to Edible Arrangements. I had to beat him.
I don’t know what time of time of day Tobes went out there, but I’m guessing it wasn’t 2 a.m. No, he probably went out there at some “reasonable” hour when there might be traffic. Forget that stuff,
The traffic is lighter in the early morning. That’s the best time to strike. I beat my co-blogger by two seconds. I took out an orphan’s eye with the cork from the champagne bottle. It was a fun night. The haiku thing will be late though. Sorry.

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