Back Off in #Haiku. 6/29-7/4/2015


[Please note: These haiku are translated from angry anonymous messages published in a couple of newspaper in northeast Massachusetts, USA. The Sons of Franky Cabot are not responsible for whatever the point of the original messages might have been].



They’re a one-trick pony.
Beating the same old dead horse.
Ride into sunset.

Confederate flag.
Important part of our past.
Let’s just learn from it.

The White House is ours.
Obama only lives there.
Tennants have no rights.

Old farm equipment.
I don’t see any appeal.
Horrible parade.

Sacred Heart condos.
Why would the church allow this?
Ugliness abounds.

Elections divide.
Board of Selectmen proves this.
Harmony unseen.

Pothole location.
Right road but wrong city.
Lowell’s looking good.


Olympics will cost.
Just another scam on us.
Overpriced party.

No one cared before.
But one little massacre…
Let them keep their flag.

Trump would be better.
Can’t be worse than Obama.
Trust him completely.


Try hitting adults.
That doesn’t go over well.
But you can hit kids.

Clean up sewer grates.
There’s a parade Saturday.
I want them sparkling.

Meter maids will rule.
24/7 empire.
No to Olympics.

The Prez shouldn’t preach.
My ancestors owned no slaves.
Shove your ‘redemption.’

Potholes all repaired.
Old asphalt chunks still on side.
Please get rid of those.


Confederate flag.
Hung upon a black statue.
Should have kept it there.

She tore down the flag.
Sure it was vandalism.
But it should have stayed.

‘Tilted Kilt’ opens.
Like ‘Hooters’ but with good food.
Makes us look seedy.

Police called my house.
Said they have to measure it.
Might not be the case.

More housing for vets.
Glad to see them developed.
Thanks to all involved.

Driver’s license fees.
Miscellaneous small costs.
That’s somebody’s job.

Squirrels moved away.
We used to like feeding them.
No one wants my nuts.

Return your barrels.
The trucks have all come and gone.
Wind blows empty bins.


Fireworks came early.
Could have waited ’til Friday.
Work in the morning.

Selectboards vary.
The last one wasn’t that good.
Power gets tripped on.

Home inspection scam.
I’m not letting anyone in.
Just unwarranted.

Home inspectors thing.
I’ll need to see some ID.
Doors remain locked shut.

Stay out of my house.
Measure outside if you want.
You’re not invited.

Sound Off


Graveyard has “ghost walks.”
Offensive to all Christians.
Spirits have left us.

No “recovery.”
The media lies to us.
No truth remaining.

Information signs.
The digital roadside ones.
Glad we have those now.

No Charleston riots.
I’m very impressed with that.
The bar is set high.

I read the paper.
It always makes me sadder.
Going back to bed.

Democrats are bad.
Gave us abortion and worse.
Unholy sleazebags.

Iraq invasion.
Wasn’t ’bout 9/11.
Saddam was no Dude.

Death penalty costs.
Nothing but a legal scam.
Life remains cheaper.


Transparency’s gone.
A country for lobbyists.
Blaming the voters.

Junior High graduates.
Organized ceremony.

Rockets getting lost.
Millions of dollars wasted.
Let’s explore oceans.

We deserve a say.
Micromanagement unites.
Don’t shoo us away.


Mayor hates yard sales.
City has bigger issues.
Big picture blurry.

Voting for raises.
Claiming that they work so hard.
All they ever do.

Bring back firing squads.
Make it all fancy and shit.
Not painful at all.

Highways are noisy.
Trees and barriers required.
A problem widens.

Sixty apartments.
On a two-acre parcel.
Just not realistic.

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