Back Off in #Haiku. 6/22-27/2015




The word ‘positive.’
Means ‘believed true’ and ‘hopeful.’
Word play can be fun.

Concerns ‘ bout Muslims.
Written in a nice letter.
Worthy of a job.

Potholes near town line.
Management has been informed.
Repairs coming soon.

No plans for leasing.
I save up and buy with cash.
No car ads for me.


Good luck to Marty.
My kids are proud alumni.
Hard work acknowledged.

Please freeze tuition.
Management steals the future.
Can’t take it with you.

Leave the flag alone.
It didn’t kill nine people.
Crazy red neck did.

Cheap shit unwanted.
A store will not stay for long.
Our town looks ugly.


Lucas is funny.
Hillary-Brady column.
Some of his best work.

Bloodbath on Thursday.
Vote for racist on Friday.
Sad state of affairs.

Only Jesus saves.
Come to him if you want life.
He will end it all.

Michelle Malkin’s blog.
Thank-you for publishing it.
I agree with her.


Civil War motive.
Fought to preserve the Union.
Not for slavery.

Brag ‘ bout honesty?
Makes me trust you that much less.
No to Olympics.

Encourage doctors.
We want them to open shop.
No more dollar stores.

New traffic pattern.
Dumps cut-throughs into the mix.
Clusterfuck made worse.

Big Papi won’t run.
I’d like to see some hustle.
No matter his age.

Varnum Avenue.
Ambulance rides are bumpy.
Repairs needed now.


Olympics wasteful.
Eileen Donohue knows this.
Better things to do.

Two-lane fast food joint.
Disaster in the making.
If we speed things up.

Lucas is loopy.
Sanders isn’t his uncle.
That’s just crazy talk.

Raise minimum wage.
Help those fighting poverty.
The Prez can do this.

Sound Off


Trump is a dick.
Vulgar and can’t take a joke.
Far too arrogant.

Climates always change.
That’s simply part of nature.
Don’t blame pollution.

Send Trump to Cancun.
Then build a wall around him.
Morally bankrupt.

State police helping.
Fewer drivers being bad.
Improving commute.

The Left is greedy.
Make millions and give nothing.
Total hypocrites.

Too many sports teams.
Talent pool gets watered down.
Some teams won’t impress.


Can’t afford taxes?
Move to a cheaper city.
Or hold a bake sale.

Stop blaming the flag.
Don’t use if for agendas.
The kid was just sick.

New law is ignored.
Perhaps better to repeal.
Time to just give up.

LeBron good for now.
But nothing next to Russell.
Product watered down.

Corporate welfare.
Not for outside companies.
Locals would be fine.


Motorcycle noise.
Doesn’t really save riders.
Just makes people deaf.

Oligarchs rule us.
We no longer have a say.
Get it together.

Methuen traffic.
This council won’t improve things.
Scaring customers.

Qualified people.
Might reside in other towns.
Don’t fault them for that.


It was religion.
Bomber boy was a Muslim.
Don’t blame terrorists.

Meetings take too long.
Too many stupid questions.
Elect smarter folks.

New laws come and stay.
We should be more flexible.
Admit when we’re wrong.

Elderly housing.
Climate control is tricky.
Problem to resolve.

Immigration laws.
I’d like to see those enforced.
Lawrence won’t do this.

Death penalty costs.
Prob’ly less than the manhunt.
Cons had it easy.

Obamacare won.
The Right still offers nothing.
Glad we’re all covered.

Obamacare hurts.
Only lobbyists like it.
They gave us NAFTA.

Bomber Boy’s people.
We did kill a lot of them.
A point has been made.

Goodell takes too long.
NFL fans want to know.
Drama inflated.

VA in the red.
Maybe we need fewer vets.
That means fewer wars.


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