Back Off in #Haiku June 15-20th, 2015


Back Off in #Haiku June 15-20th, 2015

[Please note: I just don’t care about Lawrence this week. Screw them. If anybody wants to read the Eagle Tribune and post your haiku in the comments section either here or on Facebook please do. Also using ‘Trumps’ as a one-syllable word meaning ‘restroom’ was a contest. I won.]



Taxes pay MassHealth.
Methadone wastes our money.
Socialist tax cheats.

Brandon’s Mercedes.
Paint streaks and finger prints there.
Scooby can stay home.

Christian Hill trees gone.
Nowhere left for birds to nest.
Birds aren’t shortsighted.

There goes neighborhood.
Dollar store brings us nothing.
New Hampshire’s right there.

Red lights can save lives.
That’s the reason we have them.
You won’t be that late.


Dracut trash service.
Fails to pick up large items.
Ignoring my calls.

Niki Tsongas fought.
Stood against party platform.
Kind of like her now.

Doctor David Smith.
Dedicated professional.
Sad to hear he passed.

Welfare Cheaters Beach.
I know this because I… I…

Dracut City Hall.
Looks like a POW camp.
This amuses me.

Neighborhood take back.
Hunt down those littering creeps.
Report their asses.


Trees provided shade.
The river path is naked now.
Too hot for my pole.

Gave me motor oil.
That angel of Tyngsboro.
Your wings have been earned.

Gender-neutral Trumps.
Urinals in ladies’ room?
Someone please tell me!

Invade privacy.
Tell me about their families.
Inquiring mindless.


Worse than the Big Dig.
Raised sewer caps everywhere.
Glad there’s no traffic.

Funny article.
Donald Trump and Kate Jenner.
Merkins everywhere!

Vote thru the telly.
School department on parade.
Show us the bastards.

US treasury.
Does anyone have their ear?
I have ideas.

Inspections performed.
Town manager should know that.
Oversight lacking.


Low-bid contractors.
Then they add stuff when you’re stuck.
Dilbert covered this.

I agree with him.
Except on death penalty.
Let the bastards rot.

Rubio’s no threat.
Her own biography is.
That’s just Hillary.

Lock up Donald Trump.
He’s crazier than his hair.
Cashmere straitjacket.

Vote for Eleanor.
Put Roosevelt on the ten.
She helped veterans.

Supporting Niki.
Helluva kick ass job there.
Love that fuggin’ chick.

Andover Road help.
Flat tire by cemetery.
Big thanks owed to you.

Salary increase.
Matching tuition increase?
Kind of hate that school.

Radar on one ten.
I drive that road ev’ryday.
Stop harassing me.

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  1. This is how I will get my news for now on.

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