Back Off in #Haiku. June 8th-13th, 2015


[Please note: In memory of Dusty Rhodes I kindly ask that you read all of these in his voice. ]

Sound Off.


Ramblin’ bout the gays.
They don’t deserve equal rights.
Hippy Christ said so.

Libertarians and more.
Vote for status quo.

Change both of your names.
Bruce Jenner ain’t a Jenner.
Dicks make families.

Bus driver texting.
Time to face our addictions.
Organize Meet Ups.

[Timberlane School stuff.
More corruption and scandals.
Something ‘ bout Dora]


Unemployment facts.
Those who gave up aren’t counted.
Nor are Walmart jobs.

Obamacare scam.
All your rates are going up.
You’ve all been hoodwinked.

Socialist Sanders.
He wears that label proudly.
We’re not name calling.

Pot heads will kill us.
The roads will be a nightmare.
Our children are doomed.

High school softball team.
Great year from good role models.
Good luck to the grads.

Hillary’s my choice.
Everyone else is clueless.
There is no contest.


The Prez sold us out.
We’re part of a union now.
That sonovabitch.

Big Bird taught Spanish?
He also taugh history.
Close schools completely.

Welfare fraud exists.
Good luck studying that shit.
I busted my butt.

Eight Dunkin Donuts.
Not one single gallery.
Haverhill ain’t that great.

DOMA overturned.
Only one part of it though.
Story incomplete.

Pot heads drive slower.
Denver says car deaths are down.
Crime rates also dropped.


Ain’t cops’ job to teach.
Parents should warn kids ’bout drugs.
It’s your fault they’re dead.

Hillary Benghazi.
That chick should be in prison.
Clinton is the new black.

We all pay FICA.
Don’t talk like it’s charity.
Screw the illegals.

Bad drivers abound.
Cutting me off politely?
There ain’t no such thing.

Just don’t join ISIS.
They’re like a really bad cult.
Worse than Juggalos.


EBT card fraud.
Way underestimated.
Tight controls needed.

Sox fan hit by bat.
MLB should cover all costs.
Skip the fundraiser.

Clinton killed no one.
The Right cut security.
But enemies killed.

The buck stops at home.
Teach your kids heroin kills.
Learn how to parent.

Loud bike are outlawed.
None of this “One Percent” stuff.
They’re all criminals.

Some drivers are slow.
They deserve to get cut off.
Modern life moves quick.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Big charges pending.
Remove from active duty.
Think it through a bit.

Triple-decker stands.
Supposed to be demolished.
Law still unenforced.

Man up and clean up.
Cemeteries need mowing.
No more excuses.

New Hampshire business.
One hundred dollars to start.
Mass wants five times that.

I know where you live.
Your yard sale sign is still up.
I’m coming for you.

Make a living off children.
Teachers should as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Use private flagmen.
Free up the cops for real stuff.
Plus they’re much cheaper.

Adult-ed staff and students.
A terrific place.

Biker gangs remain.
Three men killed in western Mass.
Good article though.

Hernandez dressed well.
Shouldn’t be be in orange?
Killer fashion sense.

Stop crying poor mouth.
The school bought Marty Meehan.
Overpriced beggar.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dropped Spike pretty quick.
Should have waited for trial.
That would have been fair.

Congrats Bernie Lynch.
You were an asset to us.
Darkness finds us now.

Town Hall unfinished.
Doesn’t give us confidence.
Businesses scared off.

MassHealth pays for rides.
Old folks get federal care.
Stop blaming addicts.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wrong pick got the job.
Should have gone with the youngster.
Regret fill find you.

Political stuff.
That’s why they picked who they did.
It’s all politics.

Lots of repaving.
Glad to see it getting done.
Don’t forget my street.

Dollar Store coming.
Being built on old farm land.
Wish someone told us.

Meehan runs this town.
School does more than the Council.
Make it official.

Paving blocked our lots.
Customers couldn’t get in.
Towns should plan better.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some bills must be payed.
Social Security’s small.
Grandchildren need help.

Kerry stayed a week.
We would have gotten two days.
Fairness is lacking.

Franchise Fee increase.
Is the city responsible?
Seems like a ripoff.

Merging on the bridge.
A woman straddles both lanes.
Her own mystery.

Blaming the parents.
Hide your children in basements.
That’s where they’ll be safe.

Speeders on Wentworth.
School and city bus drivers.
Limit is thirty.

Two escaped inmates.
Media covers search team.
Cons might be watching.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tuition increase.
Lower it by cutting pay.
Start with professors.

Where is your business?
Your ad doesn’t mention this.
Might be important.

Circus metaphor.
City Council loaded with clowns.
Nothing but an act.

Money slips away.
300 million to Greece.
Attention lacking.

Traffic and parking.
A challenge in good weather.
Problem to address.


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