Back Off in #Haiku. 5/18-23th/2015


Backtalk: 5/18/2015

Paving is timely.
We’re a 24-hour town.
Work it around me.

Good comic returns.
I’m a happy reader now.
No one reads the news.

Budgets unbalanced.
Like those who decide on them.
Too old for this stuff.

Ambulance runs late.
First responders show up third.
Police arrive quick.

Home Depot fainter.
Thanking those who helped me out.
Could’ve been real screwed.

Officers’ training.
Should cover doing vitals.
A life might be saved.

Backtalk: 5/19/2015

Bomber Boy trial.
Thank-you to those on jury.
What freedom’s about.

Bomber Boy must pay.
Let’s make it eye for an eye.
Make him wear his pack.

Punishment too harsh.
But Tom’s rep should be damaged.
Supports wife beaters.

More Deflategate jokes.
Not all about testicles.
But still punish meant.

No raise for Geary.
Find someone to undercut.
The City is broke.

Backtalk: 5/20/2015

Street work done at night.
No major traffic problems.
A road runs smoothly.

For Kyle Kirouac:
(played Rowdy the River Hawk).
Thank-you for it all.

Early retirees.
Pay for that “free” insurance.
Stop being jealous.

Kill him gracefully.
Ballerina in a chair.
Drown him in Swan Lake.

Paperless is great.
Unless you’re in the bathroom.
My experience.

Backtalk: 5/21/2015

12 strikes is perfect.
Debbie Adley’s game on mark.
Story slightly off.

20-year contract.
Solar company screwed us.
Can’t go in reverse.

Pink geraniums.
Stranger placed on mother’s grave.
Kindness acknowledged.

Don’t believe CORI’s.
I suspect they’re criminals.
Bad custodians.

Chelmsford streets well-paved.
Pavers did an awesome job.
A ride made smoother.

Backtalk: 5/22/2015

Cop parked on sidewalk.
A sidewalk on the corner.
That can’t be legal.

Patriots are cursed.
Just like the Red Sox once were.
Despite the winning.

NFL jealous.
Why won’t they just apologize?
There are games to play.

Berkshires got snow dough.
Slightly more than what we got.
Deval is clueless.

Read ‘One Big Happy.’
That’s a funny comic strip.
I really like her.

I want my country.
Tired of all these damn pansies.
Kind of makes me cry.

Dems want jobs to stay.
Constantly having to fight.
Who’s shipping them off?

Backtalk: 5/23/2015

Guy got elected.
Warning shot from all voters.
Turn out was quite low.

Tough choices to make:
City Clerk gig or real job?
Boredom versus stress.

Make a monument.
To honor wasteful spending.
Use dissolving gold.

Animals all gone.
Moved out when your place went up.
There’s your irony.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Bomber Boy die soon.
That’s how we save the money.
Appeals process sucks.

Parking spots taken.
More commerce looks to enter.
Only so much space.

A problem unsolved.
Strategies may be required.
Make black people work.

That woman is cursed.
Sit down with her and you die.
Don’t let her lead us.

Why give him a raise?
Performance was horrible.
One box for his things.

Cath’lics against death.
So am I for my reasons.
Appeals are costly.

It’s out of control.
Construction is too damn loud.
Wrecking ball pillow.

Cartoon got it wrong.
Don’t worry about ISIS.
Make them squeal like pigs.

Sound Off. Thursday.

Timberlane pay scale.
Super makes the most in state.
Teachers get laid off.

MBTA waste.
Too many good benefits.
Don’t buy into it.

Liberal bias.
You don’t attack her enough.
Make callers do it.

Online convenience.
For just a hundred bucks more.
Plus there’s a kiosk.
Sound Off. Saturday.

Kraft is a pussy.
Should have stood up to Goodell.
It’s all on Brady.

Get off my damn lawn!
Don’t tell me when to mow it.
Lien on this you pricks.

Of course Guinta lied.
Yes he’s a “bald faced liar.”
So are Democrats.

Make The Prez resign.
He’s told a few lies as well.
Stop picking on us.

Repubs shouldn’t lie.
Only Dems are allowed to.
Guinta’s a victim.

I’m drinking a fifth.
None of this ‘liter’ bullshit.
American pride.

School Board politics.
In NoOneCares, New Hampshire.
Junior High gossip.

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