Back Off in #Haiku. May 11 to 16th, 2015


Sound Off. Monday.

Marty earned the gig.
He also earned his pension.
Babies cry loudly.

Unions want too much.
Democrats caved in for votes.
Time for me to go.

Brady is guilty.
Tried to hide text messages.
Truth can be painful.

All we had was porn.
That’s Haverhill’s kind of bookstore.
Internet killed it.

They know right from wrong.
Money and school don’t teach that.
Get an alarm clock.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Keep me informed dude!
I’m a freakin’ citizen!
You’re just the Prezzy.

Brady kinda sucks.
Totally overrated.
Just call it a day.

Changing rules ain’t fair.
What about my ancestors?
Never improve things.

Where is the outrage.
I am totally outraged!

Litterers suck.
Too much trash on the highways.
Find ’em and fine ’em.

Refunds all around.
Lots of folks paid legal fees.
Return it all now.

Sound Off. Thursday.

Refs touched Tom’s balls.
They felt they were nice and firm.
Tom is not a witch.

I don’t watch football.
But I have an opinion:
Leave Tommy alone.

Tom hates Obama.
He should have just shook his hand.
That’s why this happened.

Go to hell, Tommy.
Take your damn ego with you.
You ain’t above shit.

Just move on, Tommy.
Fess up and put it behind.
New season next year.

Santorum’s crazy.
And crazy means he’s honest.
He won’t stay that way.

Backtalk: 5/11/2015

Don’t credit haters.
Selection was made elsewhere:
Building Committee.

Stop trying new things.
We’ll have to pay to change back.
Double for nothing.

EMTs are quick.
If they’re with the fire fighters.
Otherwise they’re last.

Baby shaker free.
Attorney General to blame.
Lawyers are costly.

Backtalk: 5/12/2015

Blaming the center.
He holds it longer than Tom.
Tom’s the last to know.

Big Oil has to no say.
Prices set by other folks.
Wall Street and OPEC.

Korner Kitchen gone.
Landlords oughta be ashamed.
We all loved the place.

Korner Kitchen gone.
Oldest restaurant in town.
Sad driving by it.

City employees.
Shouldn’t get to vote on things.
Isn’t their money.

Backtalk: 5/14/2015

Tommy ain’t guilty.
Please don’t send him to prison.
Let’s all pay his bail.

Tom said ‘let air out.’
Doesn’t get clearer than that.
We call that cheating.

Still blaming The Prez.
Tommy should have met with him.
Don’t mess with The Prez.

Don’t use the word ‘hate.’
Save that for bigger issues.
It’s only football.

Backtalk: 5/15/2015

Castrate all the teams.
Let officials bring the balls.
Just how it should be.

It’s a cover-up.
We all love the Patriots.
But they’re all guilty.

Adults read comics.
Pooch Cafe was so brilliant.
Kill the unicorn.

Backtalk: 5/16/2015

Bomber Boy’s sorry.
Sister Prejean said forgive.
She’ll burn for that one.

DCF screws up.
Who are they to judge parents?
Time to start from scratch.

Bingo at the Elks.
Just heard they’re closing up soon.
Sad to say good-bye.

Dave had an affair.
The Prez didn’t mention that.
I wanna know why.




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