Back Off in #Haiku. April 27th – May 2nd.


Sound Off. Monday.

We don’t stand a chance.
Boston won’t get Olympics.
Unrealistic fears.

Uranium deal.
Proof libs hate America.
Sold them Canada.

Annual tax raise.
Methuen’s great tradition.
Think I’m leaving soon.

Not many killers.
Ten percent of prisoners.
Their deaths won’t help much.

That’s just disgusting.
Killing people to save cash.
Slippery red slope.

McDonald’s wages.
The reason their sales are down.
Bad publicity.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Michelle Obama.
Too busy living the life.
Doesn’t care for vets.

More management jobs.
Voters said no to that shit.
Why are they hiring?

Hundred years ago.
Armenian genocide.
’twas Obama’s fault.

Staff at The Meadows.
Got me through a real tough time.
Ev’ryone kicked ass.

Street sweepers useless.
Only get center of road.
More sand than Hampton.

Salem Public Works.
Great job removing the litter.
People live like pigs.

 Sound Off. Wednesday.

Don’t like basketball.
It was fun in the sixties.
Kids can’t sink the rock.

Try self-employment.
You can learn it from a book.
You lazy bastard.

Unions United.
Not Citezens United.
They’re the damn problem.

Don’t deserve to live.
All you do is serve french fries.
Learn some Goddamn skills.

Bomber boy’s fam’ly.
Got to stay in a hotel.
On our goddam dime.

Sound Off. Thursday.

Turks are not Arabs.
They came from Central Asia.
Have their own language.

Starve the kid slowly.
One meal a day at high noon.
Offended at cost.

Working with their hands.
Just like our grandparents did.
McDonald’s is work

Bottle deposits.
Bums keep stealing from my bins.
Ripping off the town.

Boston is tiny.
We can’t even get around.
Never mind athletes.

Sound Off. Saturday.

“Heavily tattooed.”
Why’d you have to bring that up?
We’re not all gun nuts.

“Sorry ’bout the war.”
We deserve better than that.
It was a sick war.

Thanks a lot, douchebags.
Casino would have helped us.
Rot in hell, fossils.

We want casinos.
They’ll bring in major money.
Politicians suck.

Backtalk: 4/27/2015. Monday.

Question for Muslims:
Think Bomber Boy gets virgins?
Guessing he gets bitched.

Chris Christie loves pork.
He won’t wait till he’s older.
He’ll retire early.

Dead famous people.
Lowell knows many of them.
Clean up and cash in.

Backtalk: 4/28/2015

Over reacting.
Don’t need ladders for med calls.
Stop paying for that.

Leave Jesus alone.
Stop bullying poor Chrisians.
We want our free speech.

Adam Sandler screwed up.
Manchester won’t live it down.
Boy is their face red.

Backtalk: 4/29/2015

Report suspicions.
“See something say something” yo.
Nobody answers.

Baltimore people.
Don’t think they’re American.
They’re just terrorists.

That Martha Coakley.
Keep her out of my damn sight.
We don’t want you here.

I lost my damn kids.
Foster homes ain’t no damn good.
Some kids stay with scum.

Little gossip rag.
What The Sun now wants to be.
To hell with Affleck.

Backtalk: 4/30/2015

Ladders stay at home.
Never go to medicals.
Your lies are sleezy.

Ben Affleck movies.
Can’t expose Ted Cruz now.
Curses foiled again.

Sharpton and Jackson.
I’d say “go away you guys.”
But they’re not around.

Old folks don’t make trash.
Why should we pay for barrels?
Clean up the forest.

Backtalk: 5/1/2015

Recycle my ass.
Get you further than solar.
I can’t wait to die.

Thugs go to boot camp.
Then off to Afghanistan.
I’m batshit crazy.

Wicked Irish blues.
What Conflict of Interests?
Lowell is unique.

Pooch Cafe was nice.
Why did you cancel that strip?
Thought it was funny.

Unicorns must die.
Worse than sarcastic puppies.
I read the funnies.

Baltimore facetime.
Hillary and Liz Warren.
Where are those girls now?

Sitting in Dracut.
Expert on urban culture.
They’re all just hudlums.

Backtalk: 5/2/2015

The Prez shouldn’t joke.
The f word is serious.
Putin cuts babies.

You suck at your faith.
Hatred is not for Christians.
Just serve who walks in.

Midgets are boxing.
And making millions from it.
I like to watch cocks.

I hate Obama.
All he does is lie and cheat.
Promises broken.

Mom beating her son.
Didn’t want him protesting.
Conservative MILF.

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