Back Off in #Haiku. 4/20-4/26/15


Backtalk: 4/20/2015. Monday.

Attorney Gen’ral.
Always runs to Washington.
Enough with the gays.

Sarcastic teachers.
No need for that kinda shit.
Children are fragile.

Fast food jobs should suck.
They’re supposed to crush kid’s souls.
Not feed families.

He’s hiding something.
I mean if he’s innocent.
Not just a body.

Saturday Night Live.
Back in the Jane Curtin days.
I liked The Coneheads.

Proofreading is good.
Take Questions six and seven.
Should go after five.

Sound Off. Monday.

Self-checkouts preferred.
Robots never screw things up.
Also they’re nicer.

Blaming the parents.
Worst role models in decades.
Future is ruined.

Please move railroad ties.
The city owns a few trucks.
An unpleasant view.

Parents should wake up.
Board only wants more money.
Time to get involved.

Drugstores are private.
Can choose not to sell cancer.
Bad for their image.

Methadone helps ween.
Cities try to help people.
Addictions cost lives.

Potheads will be dicks.
But others will benefit.
Compassion needed.

Backtalk: 4/21/2015. Tuesday.

63 buildings?
Number of fires in Lowell?
Show me the ashes.

City scamming us.
Property overvalued.
Storefronts go empty.

Unions want a cut.
Your fifteen goes down to nine.
They’re evil like that.

Bike lanes all empty.
No one is riding in them.
We could fit more cars.

Stop feeding homeless.
That’s the only way they’ll leave.
Same deal with cancer.

Streets need more paving.
All my taxes should go there.
Leave your damn office.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Female President?
Gender not a quality.
White guys can do this.

President is weak.
Will trade bomber boy for scum.
Liberal bullshit.

Can’t stand the Clinton’s.
Carpetbagging homewreckers.
Please find the sunset.

Yay Market Basket.
I have a giraffe button.
Wearing it with pride.

Couches ev’rywhere.
Haverhill streets lined with old junk.
The future is bleak.

Voting for gender.
Won’t even give us a chance.
We might have a plan.

Sound Off. Wednesday.

Biblical marriage.
Included polygamy.
In a sexist way.

Make immigrants work.
I work hard and pay taxes.
Country is in debt.

Toters save money?
Can you give us a time line?
Bullshit smells from far.

Time for spring cleaning.
Snowbank treasures visible.
A mayor’s duty.

Bomber boy lives large.
Free medical and housing.
I’m kind of jealous.

Backtalk. Thursday.

Abortions are fine.
Just don’t make me pay for it.
Where I draw the line.

Bring back Pooch Cafe.
Stop screwing with the funnies.
Unicorns can die.

Hate that unicorn.
You’d better bring back Baldo.
Don’t cave to whiners.

For Better or Worse.
Waited twenty years for that.
Some changes are good.

Red lights out of sync.
Commute made painfully long.
Horrible commute.

One button ends life.
Civilization all gone.
Technology’s fault.

Across the river.
Where the drive-in used to be.
Put the high school there.

Backtalk. 4/24/15. Friday.

Show us all the costs.
No selective disclosure.
Put it to a vote.

Help our own homeless.
We give too much foreign aid.
Our people need help.

Clean up the wetlands.
Litter makes Dracut look bad.
Makes me unhappy.

Comey is stupid.
Blamed Poland for Holocaust.
Just like Obama.

Sound Off. Saturday.

Winter trash in yards.
Take pride in your property.
Or just use inmates.

Obama hates vets.
Proven during the shutdown.
Only likes immigrants.

Experts on traffic.
Takes skill to make it this bad.
Haverhill tops them all.

Cruiser by red light.
Near Washington and Main Street.
They’ll bring in millions.

Students might be spies.
An education is one thing.
Don’t study too hard.

Bomber boy’s picture.
Will you please stop running that?
Image unwanted.

Bomber boy should die.
Simply based on finances.
Not enough prisons.

Backtalk. Saturday. 4/25/15

Little man carries.
Back breaking load increases.
Trash fee is too much.

Fewer polling spots.
Saves town three thousand dollars.
Costs us more in gas.

Don’t bitch about trash.
Grab a bag and pick some up.
Lead by example.

Arena Home Show.
Made me feel a bit cranky.
Long waits for nothing.



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