Back Off in #Haiku. 4/6-4/11/2015


Sound Off Monday 4/6/15

More black officers.
That should solve shooting problems.
Money’s no excuse.

Education helps.
Go to best place that takes you.
Some schools are better.

Fast food wages up.
Lock down social service costs.
Or it’s all for naught.

It’s not ’cause they’re gay.
No straight boys camp with my daughters.
I don’t want gay scouts.

Backtalk: 4/6/2015. Monday.

Plowmen and firemen.
No overtime for the brave?
Screw the metermaids.

Can’t get overtime.
Not if sick the day before.
That’s how it should be.

Hardly any gays.
Why do they dictate the laws?
Shouldn’t be that way.

Backtalk: 4/7/2015. Tuesday.

Just two candidates.
It ain’t about who’s behind them.
Just names on ballots.

National Grid rates.
How much is due to reports?
Nobody reads them.

Missing Mark Trail strip.
Replaced by a unicorn.
Don’t want to read that.

Big laws are useless.
Enforced laws are what’s needed.
Lefties don’t want that.

40 hour work week.
That’s what we have in real life.
No more overtime.

Sound Off. Wednesday. 4/8/15.

He’s was an adult.
He knew his actions were wrong.
Kids grow up so fast.

It’s just common sense.
I won’t just say the answer.
Clues left ungiven.

Drugs ruin baseball.
Also it moves too damn slow.
Fields all too diff’rent.

Turn your high beams off.
I can hardly see as is.
‘specially at night.

New headlights law sucks.
One more excuse to fine us.
Unjustified scam.

Backtalk: 4/8/2015. Wednesday.

Stop flaunting gayness.
We shouldn’t have these issues.
I don’t want to know.

Restraining order.
Police tell me to get one.
Doesn’t really help.

Obama should leave.
Faith in politics restored.
Cynicism’s root.

Backtalk: 4/9/2015. Thursday.

Mark Trail has returned.
It was a very long week.
I really missed him.

Clark Road needs paving.
Been that way for many years.
It’s like a washboard.

Isolate his ass.
Never see his family.
Make it a long life.

The Sun hates Easter.
Political correctness.
Subscribers betrayed.

Sound Off. 4/10/15. Friday.

Potholes full lane wide.
Highway entry kills all cars.
Winter’s damage done.

“I don’t use the cops.”
You’re clueless and full of shit.
Luck falls unnoticed.

Principals won’t stay.
Board difficult to deal with.
High school ugliness.

Bomber was 19.
Talk of youth seems relevant.
Only play they have.

Let’s make snake noises.
Whenever the Prez talks faith.
Christian thing to do.

Backtalk: 4/10/2015. Friday.

Death to the bomber.
Not paying for his defense.
Nor should our children.

Busses back downtown.
Increase business potential.
Way more coffeeshops.

Should have fed horses.
Only takes a few minutes.
Step down from office.

Backtalk: Saturday. 4/11/2015

Wants of the union.
Teachers silence says something.
Make it all public.

Hostage swapping.
Prez trades bomber later on.
Don’t trust government.

Bomber gets three meals.
Should have gotten one bullet.
Those are much cheaper.

Snowing in April.
Global warming is a scam.
All the proof I need.

Didn’t feed horses.
Said neighbor’s out to get her.
Neglect is neglect.

Nothing but babysitting.
Children are stupid.

Mark Trail back in print.
Thank-you for bringing him back.
Missed more than fam’ly.

Chelmsford is D.C.
Corruption on ev’ry street.
Barndoors are open.

No apologies.
Those mean nothing anymore.
Do your damn job right.

Sound Off. Saturday, 4/11/15.

Smart kids to good schools.
All kids should try good schools.
Helping their future.

Tax the One Percent.
Or nothing will trickle down.
This worked in Europe.

Ev’ry street a dragway.
Dangerous to get my mail.
Awareness required.

Don’t blame the mayor.
None of the council give a shit.
Haverhill falling down.

Unions back campaigns.
But companies can’t do that?
Totally unfair.


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