Back Off in #Haiku. 3/30-4/4/15


Sound Off. Monday.

Police families.
Receiving special treatment.
Strikes me as unfair.

Do your damn homework.
Obama’s the extremist.
Not Senator Cruz.

Age is not wisdom.
Seniors have their own concerns.
Might not be what’s best.

Let us vote again.
We’ll reject casino twice.
Will that settle it?

Two million dollars.
For just two years of your life?
Better than service.

Science in bagging.
Distribute heavy items.
Eggs and bread on top.

Backtalk: 3/30/2015

Billerica High School.
Convert to senior housing.
Kids should move out soon.

We’re all immigrants.
Ruining the neighborhoods.
Only tribes are true.

I want to pay less.
This will mean less services.
Not seen anyway.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Rockingham race track.
Most valuable land in state.
More strip malls soon here.

Out to destroy us?
Prez can’t seem to do that right.
Keeps improving things.

Ted Cruz resume.
Looks impressive to most folks.
And he’s a Cuban.

Cruz has supporters.
People who applaud in crowds.
Peer pressure voters.

Backtalk: 4/1/2015. Wednesday.

Eastern Orthodox.
Consideration needed.
Teach educators.

Way too powerful.
One union for schools statewide.
Could shut us all down.

Greek Independence.
Good coverage by the Sun staff.

Backtalk: 4/2/2015. Thursday.

24 hour shifts.
Creates too much overtime.
Limit it to ten.

Lowell High Theater.
Beauty and the Beast was nice.
Good work all around.

No level budget.
Not really in that guy’s hands.
Dreams fall to nothing.

Sound Off. Thursday.

No laws in Haverhill.
People can park wherever.
I hate all of you.

Credit where it’s due.
Bush fought AIDS in Africa.
Now give Prez credit.

He’s an extremist.
He’s a commie terrorist.
Real bad President.

That was Bush’s team.
Guys that took out bin Laden.
No credit for Prez.

Backtalk: 4/3/2015. Friday.

Friday’s not that good.
Kindergarten sign up day?
Cath’lics are busy.

Overtime comes late.
It means “over 40 hours.”
Straight time under that.

Part time firefighters.
Use them to skip overtime.
Works for school teachers.

We’re not that corrupt.
Plenty of countries are worse.
We’re getting there though.

Teamsters losing strength.
Thinking of quitting my job.
Just to leave union.

Sound Off Friday.

Traffic in Groveland.
People speeding by the church.
Years pass by quickly.

Can’t pick relatives.
No choice in your upbringing.
President knows this.

Commie President?
It all makes perfect sense now.
If you’re paranoid.

College is pricey.
Pick one in your price bracket.
They’d love to have you.

Backtalk: 4/4/2015. Saturday.

Three sick days a year.
That’s all anybody needs.
Firemen are crooked.

Mark Trail comic strip.
Abandoned mid storyline.
Now we’ll never know.

Proper behavior.
Nothing more than a handshake.
Biden should know this.

Good Samaritans?
What if there’s a DNR?
Don’t want to get sued.

Sound Off Saturday.

Dog poop everywhere.
Lazy owners leave messes.
Hunt those bastards down.

Have no sympathy.
Pay your tolls and added fines.
Or just swim to work.

They’re not tolerant.
Tolerate intolerance?
Can’t tolerate that.

Patriotic kids.
Standing up against PC.
’bout time someone did.

Easter was explained.
It’s virtues discussed in full.
Glad that got printed.

Speak English or leave.
That’s how it is everywhere.
I need curtain rods.

Population growing.
Yet schools are shutting down.
Classes too crowded.

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