Back Off in #Haiku. March 23-28. 2015


Backtalk: 3/23/2015

Cops are always right.
Don’t break the law and you’re fine.
Media is wrong.

Defamation suit.
Three million bucks for his rep?
Not worth close to that.

One more business closed.
Hoping they’ll reopen soon.
Give them ink and love.

Didn’t call Netty.
Called Super Bowl champions.
Netty’s win mattered.

Billerica wants trade.
Making a call to Groton.
Switching idiots.

Dam Albuquerque.
Google in on what they have.
Pillows and plywood.

Sound Off. Monday.

We’re not all stupid.
Watching old cop shows makes me smart.
Wiki the Flynn Effect.

Take care of your own.
Can’t say I love our allies.
Enough with Israel.

Schools without teachers.
State of the art won’t mean much.
Improve the contracts.

We sign that man’s check.
Tell The Prez he works for us.
Not Iranians.

Backtalk: 3/24/2015

Billerica High School.
Cider Mill site might be good.
No need to rush it.

Defamation suit.
“Magnificent Ambersons.”
Flick with nice ending.

Open space is gone.
Replaced by ugly building.
Shenanigans etched.

Sound Off. Tuesday.

Need tank for commute.
Potholes outnumber drivers.
Winter has moved on.

Retire Congressmen.
Twelve years decent reign.
Move on with your life.

Lower their pensions.
Cut their benefits in half.
House has it too good.

Ban all lobbying.
Corruption is not legal.
They need to go now.

Campaign donations.
Limit five hundred dollars.
Includes companies.

Unions are a scam.
Part of Lib’ral Agenda.
Don’t care ’bout workers.

Lib’ral Zuckerberg.
Demanding more immigrants.
Gets them from The Prez.

Zuck drives down wages.
Prez sends kids to Ferguson.
Unions in lockstep.

Keep teaching cursive.
Needed in the job market.
Contracts will be signed.

Smart folks join unions.
No reason for them not to.
Incompetents weeded.

Backtalk: 3/25/2015

Conservative map:
Kenya is in Hawaii.
Canada’s a state.

JFK Plaza.
Was once Little Canada.
A statue would be nice.

Selectman Dixon.
Fairly quiet on issues.
Trying to save job.

I don’t like Ted Cruz.
Probably won’t vote for him.
Just isn’t for me.

Sound Off. Wednesday.

Fill potholes with sand.
Salt-free in a burlap bag.
Inmates can do it.

Cops can fill potholes.
Driving around anyway.
Sounds like common sense.

Common enemies.
What unites us with Israel.
Love and support them.

Use death penalty.
It’s not for ev’rybody.
Just for real bad guys.

Leave Ted Cruz alone.
Racial tension not his fault.
Obama to blame.

Ban leadership PAC’s.
Especially Hillary’s.
Save America.

Congress moves slowly.
They protect their interests.
Benefits enjoyed.

One way trip to Mars.
Bunch of rock heads jumped on board.
They probably read.

Backtalk: 3/26/2015

Ethics Commission.
They said Phil did nothing wrong.
Move on with your lives.

New senior center.
Lights are on all day and night.
Hope it opens soon.

High wind knock barrels.
Trash flies in all directions.
Await the morning.

Construction season.
Butler School project starts soon?
Waiting anxiously.

Sound Off. Thursday.

Won’t come to senses.
President incapable.
Kerry even worse.

Does more harm than good.
Cruz might love America.
Hugs puppy to death.

The Prez gets a ‘C.’
Cruz and Putin both flunk out.
Enough black-and-white.

Letter unnoticed.
Big uproar over Iran’s.
Prez got same letter.

Rates remain higher.
We were told it was just winter.
Winter came and went.

Addictions are bad.
People shouldn’t pick them up.
Lives become ruined.

Backtalk: 3/27/2015

UML hockey.
Screwed by NC double A.
Midwest unneeded.

Obama spending.
Debt increased to eighteen tril.
Your winter comes soon.

Unions brought in late.
Deval’s way to screw Baker.
Financial burden.

Hillary’s email.
Really truly bothers me.
Was her biggest fan.

Sound Off. Friday.

Prez doesn’t read this.
You complaints won’t reach target.
Visit The White House

Heat down in winter.
AC lower in summer.
Find middle ground.

Ted Cruz will save us.
Obama’s the extremist.
No harm from shut down.

Life is challenging.
There are no simple answers.
Lobbying is speech.

Term limits won’t help.
Experience should be valued.
House full of rookies.

Backtalk: 3/28/2015

Keep it where it is.
Lowell High belongs downtown.
Nothing is broken.

Not much media.
But The Sun covered our vets.
Thank-you for coming.

Execute Bergdahl.
We would have in the old days.
Punish deserters.

Five entire decades.
George’s Delicatessen.
Quality endures.

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