Sunday Notes March 22nd 2015

Gerry Nutter for Lowell City Council


A Defining Moment for Councilors and the Murphy Administration! aka providing a big election issue

At the foundation of my vision for Lowell are three main pillars: public safety, education, and economic development. You will see these pillars appear as themes, interwoven throughout the budget. The funding recommendations included in the proposed budget will address each issue independently; some use long – term strategies that will bear fruit over the course of several years, while others will be handled with immediate solutions that are initiated this year. Public Safety; perhaps the most pressing matter facing our community, is an example of the latter..

PUBLIC SAFETY FOCUS Key Performance Indicators for Goal 2
Figure 34 – Public Safety KFA, Goal 2 KPIs
Improve the quality of life in the City of Lowell by providing fire protection,emergency response services, prevention,and public education activities. Protect all citizens, their property, and the environment from…

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