Back Off in #Haiku. March 16-21, 2015.


[Please note: If you go back far enough you’ll find the disclaimer. Believe me, it’s back there somewhere. It’ll explain everything.]

Backtalk: 3/16/2015. Monday.

Chelmsford schools dirty.
Cleaning them is important.
Not overtime pay.

Don’t need Home Depot.
That’s a sign of urban sprawl.
Billerica’s better.

Obama don’t care.
No outrage over ambush.
Didn’t say a word.

Shootings in Lowell.
Olympic chances grow slim.
Peaceful towns only.

Recall vote needed.
Only way to remove Doc.
Daleks all agree.

Charging student’s toys.
Another waste of taxes.
A line should be drawn.

Happy Saint Patty’s.
Guinness and corned beef for all.
Fifty shades of green.

Sound Off, Monday.

Religious high schools.
My parents sent me to one.
Let Muslims do same.

Frivolous lawsuit.
Thrown out by clear thinking judge.
Defense wasted funds.

Fancy looking urns.
For folks fake as their mantel.
Just bury the thing.

“Right to Work” bullshit.
Gives cheapskates what we fought for.
Causing all to lose.

Sound Off. Wednesday.

Governor Walker.
Throwback to Great Depression.
Unions are needed.

Not a good watchdog.
Running around causing fear.
Sky remains above.

Pride in heritage.
Why President likes Kenya.
Like I like Europe.

You can hate Israel.
That don’t make you an asshole.
They do some dumb things.

Ted Cruz is crazy.
Setting babies all aflame.
He’s your candidate?

I’m really sorry.
Police shouldn’t need tin cans.
I voted for more.

Backtalk: 3/18/2015

Big tax increases.
Take away your simpler pleasures.
No more Dunk’s for you.

I’m not a stupid.
You’re the stupid head dummy.
You can leave this town.

SSI issues.
Nobody pays attention.
Fraud becomes easy.

Dracut’s a farm town.
No need to get all fancy.
We might have two farms.

College basketball.
Hard to enjoy in these parts.
Got no prelim sites.

Why gays gotta march?
Parades honorees hate them.
Pretty confusing.

Sound Off, Thursday

They’re Federalists.
What New Harmpshire Rep’s are now.
Lincoln spins in grave.

Prison sex change guy.
An old man who killed his wife.
Not with my money.

Kill all the dealers.
Then we’ll spend less on treatment.
That will dry things up.

Religious freedom.
Founding principal of ours.
Let’s keep that going.

Clinton’s email safe?
Like Benghazi was all safe?
Let’s yell ‘Benghazi.’

Ted Cruz not flaming.
He’s a Patriot of God.
He shows kids his hose.

Backtalk: 3/19/2015

“Preservation land.”
Seems like a simple concept.
That guy’s a moron.

Jeb Bush used Gmail.
As Governor of Disney.
Total hypocrite.

Cop saved a kid’s life.
Tell Ferguson about that.
Their cops don’t do that.

Thaw reveals treasures.
Canine presents from the storms.
Could be prettier.

Backtalk: 3/20/2015

Baker just started.
Deval left a real big mess.
He’s gonna need time.

Saint Patrick’s Dinner.
Had mine at Korner Kitchen.
Best I ever had.

Don’t quit your day job.
None of you bastards are good.
Bored out of my skull.

Listen to voters.
We want you to lose that guy.
It’s simply what’s best.

Louis Farrakhan.
President of the US?
When did that happen?

Sound Off Saturday.

Smart wild and stupid.
What I know about new grads.
My job is secure.

Low cost of living.
In states with Right to Work laws.
Get the whole story.

The Prez loves Muslims.
Though they want us all to die.
Educate yourself.

Cruz finished on kids.
But press only showed you parts.
We all applauded.

Demolition vids.
Demolisher not mentioned.
Was it Ax or Smash?

Police news stories.
Always mention races first.
Cops portrayed poorly.

Backtalk: 3/21/2015

Paperboys and girls.
Brave fighters of harsh winter.

Don’t muffle voters.
We demand transparency.
We gave you your jobs.

This goes out to my friend Phil.
He knows what he did.

Watching basketball.
President is just lazy.
Run the damn country.

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