Back Off in #Haiku. March 9-14, 2015.


Sound Off. Monday.

Deer eating your shrubs?
Cover them up with burlap.
Urine is useless.

Trains or Olympics?
Choosing where to spend money.
A flame dies quickly.

Leash law looks lacking.
Andover animals amped.
We want waste wemoved.

Timberlane district.
Some towns don’t carry their weight.
Decade long dispute.

Good cops and bad cops.
Only bad cops make the news.
I met a nice one.

Marathon bomber.
Rewarded with health and meals.
Starve him out slowly.

Backtalk: 3/9 Monday.

Billerica lighting.
Won’t attract any business.
Minimal return.

Stuck in my driveway.
Even the cops just pick up speed.
Westford disappoints.

Millions on appeals.
Marathon bomber should rot.
Save us the trials.

Blaming dead brother.
Already thrown under bus.
Quite literally.

Cop could have saved geese.
Too busy on his cellphone.
What about the geese?

Global warming hah!
We got a real bad winter.
Explain that to me.

Backtalk: 3/10/2015

Exact change only.
Couple paid my fair for me.
Saved me ten dollars.

Israel is our friend.
Surrounded by evil foes.
US aid needed.

ISIS ninjas fake.
Not really that religious.
“Holy” wars don’t help.

MBTA guys.
Are they getting their raises?
I really hope not.

Not much of a raise.
Less than twenty bucks a month.
That’s my SSI.

Sound Off. Wednesday.

Outsourcing detox.
Makes us a destination.
Addicts are dirty.

Dems cronyism.
Benefits Deval Patrick.
Stupid Olympics.

Some drivers don’t suck.
Patient for joggers and bikes.
That’s all we’re asking.

Mayor raised taxes.
Now claims he’s trying to help.
His brain ain’t plugged in.

Texting and driving.
That makes you a bad parent.
Turn off your airbags.

Right-to-work law hurts.
Unions needed for safety.
Also fair wages

Backtalk 03/12/15

Deval Olympics.
Sucked at being Governor.
This won’t go too well.

Olympic money.
Lots of overpaid people.
Makes me suspicious.

Laughing at locals.
The Sun isn’t really news.
Funny in sad ways.

Bogslide Massacre.
British troop killed protesters.
That’s Bloody Sunday.

Chelmsford clearing fields.
More snow coming this weekend.
Wasteful overtime.

Sound Off. Thursday. 3/12/15.

Low voter turnout.
Incredible anger felt.
Because they’ll still bitch.

Deval’s deficit.
Over two billion dollars.
He’s an advisor?

Claiming “private funds.”
But leaving the door open.
Let’s slam it on them.

Dog poop ev’rywhere.
Country club sidewalks covered.

Addiction treatment.
New facilities on Main.
They’re all criminals.

Addicts from elsewhere.
Descending on our city.
Tidal wave of crime.

Backtalk: Friday the 13th.

Left turn forever.
We sat through four light cycles.
Treble and Route 4.

Stop your foot dragging.
Make Tiano decision.
A job must be done.

Hillary’s critics.
Finding fault with ev’rything.
She’s a candidate.

Darkness in the morn.
Life dictated by two hands.
Wait for April’s sun.

Boston Olympics.
Political patronage.
Nothing surprising.

Backtalk: 3/14/2015

Just a bunch of clowns.
And they can’t even juggle.
Sad little circus.

Won’t stand together.
Bush Junior and Obama.
Just an illusion.

Former Governor.
Makes almost eight grand a day?
That’s some real good pay.

I could use eight grand.
Think I’ll run for Governor.
Get to see the world.

Competent whites not hired.
Blame affirmative action.
No one cries ‘race card.’

Olympics no good.
High salaries prove the scam.
Good luck to you guys.

Leave school where it is.
Enough with all the whiners.
Where the kids belong.

Hundred dollars more.
Household budgets stretched too thin.
Reject the project.

Burning neighborhoods.
Problems remain afterward.
They do that for fun.

Monuments rising.
Discus thrower choked by rings.
“Olympic Failure.”

Sound Off. Saturday.

47 guys.
Absolutely got it right.
Never trust Iran.

School bus ran a light.
Putting kid’s lives in danger.
Should be more careful.

Letter insulting.
The blood is not on our hands.
Motives still unclear.

Muslims won’t melt in.
US founded on our ideals.
Accept or move on.

Poor traffic designs.
Now adding boats to the mix.
Captain needs a beer.


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