Back Off in #Haiku. March 1-7th, 2015


Backtalk: 3/2/2015 (Monday)

Cops want your emails.
Their radios soon scrambled.

Pat paid for portrait.
Mayor Murphy’s money spent.
Rodney rules the roost.

Dispatchers not paid.
Should reprimand the chief.
Don’t just pay out claims.

Six million dollars.
Not just for antique lighting.
Helluva lot more.

Cry for privacy.
After posting ev’ry thought.
Stop being Cartman.

I think you’re stupid.
Plus you’re kind of ignorant.
My contribution.

Sound Off, Monday March 2nd.

Jeb Bush ain’t that bad.
Who cares if he once smoked pot?
He’s moved on from that.

Not a hypocrite.
People change as they grow old.
We call it “learning.”

Methuen taxes.
Counc’lors promised not to raise.
Hope they stick to that.

“Christian Germany.”
Equate terror with Islam?
That could go both ways.

I’m changing my vote.
Not because of reflection.
Just to piss you off.

Some roofs have collapsed.
Media thinks they all will.
Not all that common.

Paul Newman was great.
Nice talented gentleman.
Wicked generous.

Sound Off. Tuesday. 3-3-15.

April vacation.
Sacrifice to the snow gods.
Can’t learn in July.

Time for some waivers.
Number of days don’t matter.
Learning is the thing.

You can leave some snow.
Focus on where there’s parking.
The rest will melt soon.

Bill O’Reilly lied.
Not too surprised about that.
Kind of a big mouth.

Al Gore won’t make much.
Carbon tax goes to the feds.
Exxon makes trillions.

Backtalk: 3/3/2015

Equal rights wasteful.
Gays want medical treatment.
Not with my taxes.

Don’t fill positions.
Wait till after the merger.
What needs to be done.

Ted K turned his back.
Supported the immigrants.
Neglected workers.

Mailbox in the snow.
Much easier than shov’ling
That’s my suggestion.

“Taxes are too high.”
This was the freshmen platform.
That didn’t last long.

Sound Off Wednesday. 3/4/fifteen.

Now voting to spend.
Ran on a saving platform.
Money still ain’t there.

Methuen vote change.
Now supporting stadium.
‘No’ used to mean ‘no.’

High expectations.
Stadium won’t bring in much.
Money falls through holes.

New Muslim High School.
Coming here to North Andover.
Wishing them the best.

Not in my backyard.
We don’t need no Muslim school.
Too many questions.

Timberlane teams suck.
Why are we paying stipends?
Damn kids always lose.

Insult changed your vote?
Are you fugging kidding me?
Please just move away.

Backtalk: 3/4/2015 (Wednesday)

Sell the old firehouse.
Could make a profit on it.
Might need some fix up.

Modern treatment plant.
Fancy pipes for the whole darn town.
Then they’ll respect us.

The Prez hates us all.
Wake up and you might see that.
Pay some attention.

Texting while driving.
Punish same as drunk driving.
What I’d like to see.

Deport criminals.
Can’t afford their company.
Too luxurious.

Allard’s Grove Dracut.
Snow policy keeps rents down.
Trying to help out.

In my seventies.
The future is for the young.
Let them pay for it.

Sound Off. Thursday. 3/5/15

Follow the money
It all goes to the Muslims.
Left wing charities.

Ronnie was the same.
They called him an appeaser.
ISIS ain’t Hitler.

Methuen bullies.
So glad the bastards all lost.
Off the agenda.

Real folks own Exxon.
Part of our 401k’s.
I’m not that evil.

Riverside Park Trail.
Clean up appreciated.
There was lots of snow.

Backtalk: 3/5/2015. Thurs.

I liked that letter.
It was clear and well written.
Really dig that shit.

Peter Lucas yo.
Hit the nail dead on center.
Vote Netanyahu.

Chelmsford school lunch.
Now serving pizza from Sal’s.
How is that allowed?

Islam appeasement.
Didn’t work with the Nazis.
World War Three is near.

Obama to blame.
Armageddon falls on him.
Appeasement will fail.

Mister Tiano,
Where have your Duke boys gone to?
Hazardous karma.

Backtalk: 3/6/2015. Friday.

Groton town meeting.
Gonna be funny as hell.
Get the popcorn popped.

Nancy Pelosi.
Rude and mean and just not nice.
She should show respect.

Baker and Goodell.
They’re probably related.
Kind of look alike.

A fee to pay fees.
Makes sense only to cities.
No one else does that.

Blind spots on corners.
Snowbanks melting too slowly.
Send them somewhere else.

Priorities off.
Septic systems still the norm.
Can’t make that pretty.

Not that sensible.
Don’t let Iran have the bomb.
Intentions well known.

Sound Off. Friday. 3~6~15

Deer in the backyard.
Nibbling on our shrubbery.
Destructive nuisance.

Can’t wait till he’s gone.
He’d bend over for Hitler.
The country is wrecked.

ISIS and Shia.
They don’t really get along.
It’s complicated.

Jamie found money.
Says he don’t know where it’s from.
Came from our pockets.

Someone found my keys.
Gave them to an officer.
Happy reunion.

Life is not harsher.
Plea bargains for life prove that.
I hear they get meals.

Kill all drug dealers.
It’s the reasonable choice.
Current laws too weak.

Sound Off. Saturday. 3-7-15.

Al Gore won’t make squat.
Deniers still benefit.
Fuel is big money.

Stop forced labeling.
Nothing wrong with GMOs.
Ignore the bloggers.

Jeb Bush ain’t that bad.
His brother was much much worse.
Complete hypocrite.

Bush did lots of coke.
Claimed he was just a dumb kid.
Tried kids as adults.

Reopen the spring.
Haffner’s will be leaving soon.
I’d like to see that.

Taxes increasing.
Solicitors will still knock.
Stadium hated.

Islamists are bad.
300 million folks killed.
While Obama golfs.

Methuen wussed out.
Caved in to the brainless mob.
Leaders are unknown.

Methuen roads plowed.
Right down to the bare pavement.
Got to work just fine.



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