Back Off in #Haiku. Feb 23-28, 2015.


[Please note: after the passing of Leonard Nimoy I went back to change a couple of last lines. The original last lines have been included in brackets].

Sound Off. Monday 2/23/15.

“Innocent ’til proof.”
Only relevant in law.
Creepies don’t get jobs.

No jail for Cosby.
Doesn’t mean he’s innocent.
Means he wasn’t taped.

One-way streets downtown.
Haverhill needs to try this now.
Improve this nightmare.

VA hospitals.
Doctors and staff outstanding.
Better than their rep.

Auto inspections.
Have to hit same shop if failed.
I’d prefer vouchers.

Rejection stickers.
Some shops use them to charge more.
That happened to me.

Crusades were not good.
Literally overkill.
Insanely twisted.

Backtalk: 2/23/2015

Tewksbury snowbanks.
Blind spots at intersections.
Envying Lowell.

Taught my folks English.
Both of them were immigrants.
It’s a good language.

Immigrants are cool.
Better than white-trash landlords.
At least they shovel.

Support the trash fee.
Make people pay for something.
Nothing is for free.

Can’t afford trash fee.
No 80 percent pension.
Just a fixed income.

Deval should feel shame.
Prob’ly golfing with The Prez.
Live long and prosper.
[His fault trains don’t run].

MBTA fixed.
Trying to get more money.
For the Olympics.

Too much snow for Fest?
Is Folk Fest too darn folksy?
Let’s postpone that too.

FoxNews agenda.
No worse than other stations.
They’re just outnumbered.

Don’t blame the building.
We don’t need a new high school.
Just better students.

Sound Off. Tuesday. 2/24/15.

Rudy shouldn’t judge.
Does he love America?
The President does.

Where’s Global Warming?
I would love me some of that.
Information sought.

Boston ain’t ready.
Brits and Japan are modern.
Our trains aren’t running.

Fake car inspection.
Rejection sticker scam thing.
They don’t even call.

I’m not a ‘NIMBY.’
Trains get sued pretty often.
EPA nightmares.

Too many red lights.
Glad I’m in New Hampshire now.
No intersections.

Roof needed for school.
It’s only a decade old.
Warranty still good?

Backtalk: 2/24/2015. Tuesday.

That seems like a loaded word.
I’ll leave it in quotes.

Threatens to resign?
Hold your breath until you’re blue?
That’s our role model?

Ain’t gettin my vote.
Trash tax for teachers is dumb.
Worst campaign ever.

Protect that duck’s ass hair doo.
Ain’t wearing no hat.

Back in the fifties…
It took balls to cross a bridge.
Babushkas are smart.

Temperatures are low.
Fossil fuels keep us all warm.
Thank-you dinosaurs.

Jon Stewart ain’t news.
Comic with a lib’ral slant.
Stop kidding yourselves.

Backtalk: 2/25/2015. Wednesday.

Refund Charlie cards.
Service was too substandard.
Cancel the raises.

Light engines warm tracks.
Traffic prevents snow build-up.
‘After’ is too late.

Stop blaming Baker.
The man hasn’t sat down yet.
Clearly Deval’s fault.

Chelmsford principal.
Give that job to Tiano.
He shouldn’t be Sup.

Allard’s Grove Dracut.
Landlords want us to shovel.
We’re in our 60’s.

Sound Off. Thursday. Feb 26, 2015.

Hottest years ever.
Top 10 since 2002.
Global warming’s real.

Global warming’s fake.
Don’t arrest Phil and Elsa.
Get that fraud Al Gore.

Five million is high.
I agree we need repairs.
But I don’t have that.

Check priorities.
New field won’t bring people in.
Better schools will though.

State flag in Plaistow.
I think it’s seen better days.
Time to replace it.

Drinking in the streets.
Common back in the thirties.
Depression does that.

Backtalk: 2/26/2015. Thursday.

Too unqualified.
That’s why Beverly Scott’s gone.
She was a failure.

Bumps on Connector.
Lawsuits waiting to happen.
I want my millions.

Damn white-trash tenants.
Minorities like it here.
Treat it with respect.

I have an outhouse.
Billerica buys antique lights.
Confusion remains.

Terrorist cowards.
Hiding behind their keyboards.
While arming children.

Sound Off. Friday. Feb 27, 2015.

Chamber of Commerce.
Anniversary dinner.
Happened out of town.

“Celebrate Haverhill!
We’re a great community!
I’ll be in Plaistow!”

New safety complex.
Glad Salem got that approved.
Live long and prosper.
[Don’t get arrested.]

New safety complex
Gotta pay for it somehow.
Stores use the cops more.

Harvard tuition.
School has 30 billion banked.
They should pay their help.

Timberlane School Board.
Three rings and a few sad clowns.
Bullying the crowd.

Free speech supporters.
Not what them complainers are.
They want our signs down.

Backtalk: 2/27/2015. Friday.

6-year-old shot at.
And we still can’t hold our guns.
Law should be ashamed.

Property tax paid.
Trash collection included.
Find your fee elsewhere.

Couldn’t reach your box.
That’s why your mail didn’t come.
Live long and prosper.
[Start shov’ling you jerk.]

Department of Rev.
Couldn’t care less ’bout Chelmsford.
Should’ve checked the schools.

Red Sox gave out tix.
To folks who shoveled hydrants.
Moving to Boston.

Didn’t get my mail.
Hardly got half of my bills.
They skipped the whole street.

40 years ago.
Six trucks cleared ev’ry roadway.
Better than today.

Stewart did it fair.
Pointed out Obama’s flaws.
Balance him with Fox.

Reagan was awesome.
Ten times better than this guy.
All I’ve got to say.

Sound Off. Saturday, February 28th. MMXV.

Sandown should secede.
Just carry the the town elsewhere.
Take your kids and flee.

Methuen fieldhouse.
Major overhaul required.
Kids will all move out.

Thank-you Patricia.
For educating Clinton.
She’ll pay girls fair now.

It only gets worse.
Obamacare means less jobs.
Folks become pot heads.

Tax-and-spend lib’rals.
Let foreigners take our jobs.
Heroin helps pain.

Al Gore makes millions.
He’ll make more off carbon tax.
Fraudulent studies.

Cost of stadiums.
Real high because of labor.
Prevailing wage set.

Putin ain’t Hitler.
But he’s still a total jerk.
Elections were fixed.

Backtalk: 2/28/2015. Sat.

Good luck David Brow.
I’ve always enjoyed your pics.
Hope you keep shooting.

Sal for Chelmsford schools?
Only out to save his friend.
Won’t change anything.

We need help at home.
Enough helping other lands.
Someone tell The Prez.

Birdman beat Sniper.
Liberal Conspiracy.
Still mad ’bout Clint’s chair.

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