Sam Adams and Why We Need To Stop Listening to Hipsters

My new best friend….even though we’ve never met or shared a beer.

The phenomenal beer writer Andy Crouch penned this interesting (and if you’re of the TL;DR generation, long) piece about Boston Beer Company, its founder Jim Koch, and their overall place in The Craft Beer Movement™. If you’re interested in beer – and since you’re reading some shithead’s homebrewing blog, I’m gonna assume you are – you should take the time to read the whole article. But the long-and-short (or TL;DR) of the piece is that despite being the founder of the Craft Beer Movement™, Sam Adams is being “left behind” by the shifting tastes of craft beer drinkers and the changing marketplace.

Crouch talks to a lot of respected industry folks and gathers a lot of perspectives and opinions for this piece and presents them fairly and evenly. The article starts with Koch essentially pitching a shit-fit in a Boston bar called Row 34 (full disclosure: never been. It’s an…

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