Back Off in #Haiku 12/28/14-1/3/15


Sound Off Dec 30, 2014

Merry Christmas Lil.
Queen of the supermarket.
Kindness remembered.

Started at Woodstock.
Soon weed shops up ev’rywhere.
Road to perdition.

Haverhill needs parking.
Or the restaurants get hurt.
Too cold to walk far.

Bradford is Haverhill.
Not Bradford when good happens.
And Haverhill when bad.

Lines should be sep’rate.
Don’t combine drunks and gamblers.
State should know better.

Backtalk: 12/31/2014

Don’t allow rallies.
Dead thugs deserved what they got.
No one mentions that.

Westford selectmen.
Might as well fire all the cops.
Why bother with laws?

Guy killed nonwhite cops.
Because white cops killed two guys.
That dude was messed up.

Low prices all the time.
Even without four percent.
Ev’ry day bonus.

Obama hides things.
Lots of non-transparencies.
All his old scandals.

We’re not all old cranks.
I’m only in my sixties.
And I’m tech savvy.

Sound Off Dec 31

Route 125.
No passing north to Plaistow.
That’s what solids mean.

We need more hangings.
Some folks just deserve to die.
Why save school shooters?

Stealing signs won’t help.
Layover station will lose.
Ev’ryone knows it.

Why do folks lose hope?
Bigger story than drug deaths.
Get to the root cause.

Moral compass gone.
Abortion and pot legal.
Also sodomy.

Need to go to church.
But lib’rals don’t want you to.
That’s Obama’s fault.

[last 3 from same guy.
Kind of had me with the first.
Then he just rambles.

Blames immigration.
Seems to feel sad about stuff.
Prob’ly a nice guy].

Backtalk: 1/1/2015

Goodell’s NFL:
Out for the season on pot.
One game for assault.

4 percent or not.
Still the best deal anywhere.
How the store survived.

Respect you elders.
Shows that you were brought up right.
Ev’ryone ages.

City manager.
Lowell needs a diff’rent one.
Start the year off right.

Sound Off Jan 1

Sandown School closing.
But principal will stay on.
That doesn’t make sense.

Scalise not in Klan.
Just an Obama smoke screen.
Remember Bill Ayers.

Brady should retire.
Let the next QB enter.
He’s overrated.

Hard work doesn’t pay.
Billionaires won’t let you up.
It’s their addiction.

Backtalk: 1/2/2015

Lowell rates stay low.
Bernie Lynch made sure of that.
That’s why we need pros.

Backtalkers judging.
Experts on PTSD?
Cowards and assholes.

Left somebody out:
GLT’s William Collins.
Loved and will be missed.

Backtalk: 1/3/2015

Fifteen dollars more.
That’s what us seniors get now.
That won’t cover shit.

Taxes have increased.
Where is the money going?
Roads have not improved.

Chelmsford school issues.
Citizen action required.
The mob knows what’s best.

Tewksbury center.
Fill the empty business spots.
Then we’ll decorate.

Yellow lines painted.
Too close to the holidays.
Merriness detoured.

Sound Off: 1/3/15

Timberlane School Board.
The Greens aren’t helping at all.
Just bumps on a blog.

China is treason.
Buy your cheap stuff from Europe.
It’s a small step up.

Sad ribbon cutting.
Mayor opened hookah lounge.
Sends mixed smoke signals.

Companies are cheap.
That’s why workers need unions.
Strangled by loopholes.

Power plant could help.
NIMBY’s should wake up to that.
Take one for the team.

Reagan couldn’t act.
Bonzo had to carry him.
So did Gorbachev.

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