Back Off in #Haiku. 11/24-11/30/2014


[Please note: I’m just the narrator character here, kind of like Ishmael from ‘Moby Dick’ or Dr. Watson. The ideas expressed in this are not mine, but rather poetic translations from an anonymous messaging service, a service providing the concerns of concerned citizens to the readers of their local newspaper. Sometimes these translations might be a little off. Sorry about that.

Also, if it means anything to you, I’m sitting four stories up in a coffee shop with red tube lights hanging down next to a window where I have to straighten up and lean like a baby about to fall out of a high chair if I want to look at a canal that isn’t frozen yet and parade organizers who clearly are. A chandelier made of antlers and votive-style lights inside the shop seem to match all the wooden tables, chairs, walls, ceilings and floors like it’s an out of place hunter’s lodge. The coffee’s good. And why is there a mop three stories up across the canal in a doorway which you probably don’t want to run thru due to the complete lack of anything but a long dive on the canal side? I understand why there’s a doorway there, there used to be a tunnel there connecting it to the mill I’m in. But the mop makes absolutely no sense. It might get frozen. Even in an igloo a frozen mop is useless. And you can’t have an igloo three stories up, heat rises. Just doesn’t make any sense. But yeah, here’s some haiku.]

Backtalk: 11/24/2014

President gone mad.
Totally out of control.
Like a man possessed.

Farmland for farming.
Know what you’re buying into.
Dracut be aware.

Ban ev’ry fire pit.
Kids getting severely burned.
Babyproof the world.

Sound Off Nov 24, 2014

College should speak more.
Alumni donors in dark.
Donations withheld.

Two sets of ledgers.
Merrimack College records.
Clearly hiding shit.

Assisted living.
Shouldn’t be in Andover.
How dare these scoundrels.

Supreme Court royals.
John Roberts is not a king.
Barely a swinger.

Living under bridge.
Not enough jobs in this land.
Can’t help immigrants.

Backtalk: 11/25/2014

Chelmsford management.
Destroyed a cherished landmark.
Should have sold the place.

Executive call.
Ignores the will of voters.
First Prez to do that.

Chelmsford school issues.
We don’t need a new budget.
We need a new board.

Fix up Baker School.
Contractors could volunteer.
As a Christmas gift.

Todisco Towing.
Ignores one-way signs at night.
I’d get towed for that.

Backtalk: 11/26/2014

Chelmsford Schools again.
Doctor Tiano must go.
Or vote out The Board.

Obama again.
Next he’ll bring in grandparents.
Can’t adopt the world.

Glad GOP won.
Now we’ll see what they’re good at:
Blaming Obama.

Climate change is bull.
There’s record cold in the south.
Basic math to me.

Obits all over.
One in sports one in comics.
Glad graves aren’t like that.

Dracut Franco Vets.
Thanks Bobbola’s for hosting.
Fundraiser went well.

Old Butler School site.
No construction started yet.
The city got suckered.

Backtalk: 11/26/2014

White folks ain’t shopping.
It’s all them damn foreigners.
Respect Thanksgiving.

Of course Mike Brown died.
Confronted an officer.
That’s some risky shit.

Boys cross-country team.
Won the D-1 state title.
Pride of Mill City.

Hassett writes letters.
Pro-life and anti-gay rights.
Nobody cares Mike.

Someone paid our tab.
Kind gesture from a stranger.

Billerica center.
Stop whining and just move on.
Voters have voted.

Baker fighting ban.
Wants fishermen unburdened.
Coakley didn’t care.

Sound Off Nov 27

Alzheimer’s disease.
Charity worth supporting.
Hoping for a cure.

Bud drops the Clydesdales.
Just ain’t Christmas without them.
Boycott Budweiser.

A bloodstained country.
Folks getting killed ev’ry day.
Changes don’t look near.

“Executive privs.
Impeach him for using them.”
– Frustrated goldfish.

Girls Scouts school program,
Lawrence won’t do same for boys.

Shaheen backs The Prez.
Illegals will take over.
New Hampshire is screwed.

Peter Principle.
How Obama became Prez.
Incompetence reigns.

Backtalk: 11/28/2014

Ferguson verdict.
Couldn’t agree with it more.
Prez should just butt out.

They burned a Walgreens.
And flipped over some old cars.
Too dumb for justice.

Ferguson needs prayers.
It’s time to pray and not fight.
The Lord will listen.

If the cop were black,
There wouldn’t be a riot.
What does that tell you?
[almost untranslated]

Blame the protesters.
They’re why we have racism.
Wasn’t none before.

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