Back Off in #Haiku. 11/15/14.



School Department’s bills.
Have to be paid the right way.
Late fees on sick days.

Vet’s Day ev’ry day.
No freedom without heroes.
Still go to work though.

Welcome back Backtalk.
You’re always what I read first.
That and the obits.

Dracut water smells.
Like chlorine flavored chlorine.
Cleaning is needed.

Sound Off

Stop preparing kids.
It scares the hell out of them.
This isn’t Newtown.

High school shooting drills.
Make Methuen look real bad.
What will Lawrence think?

Ev’ry body pays.
“Only half pay income tax”?
There’s other taxes.

No more baseball news.
The season ended last month.
So sick of that shit.

Dems ignore the truth.
Their bums caused all problems.
Admit it for once.

Rubberstamp school.
Hiring public image firm.
They’ll earn that money.

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