Back Off in #Haiku. 11/13/14.



Seals killed bin Laden.
President kept his nails clean.
Watched it on TV.

Lombardo did win.
But it wasn’t a landslide.
He was unopposed.

Mayor Menino.
TV ads pay their respects.
Sofa shaped tombstone.

Chelmsford school budget.
Extension needs approval.
Sup should “retire” first.

Sound Off

V.A. doing fine.
People criticize all gov.
They take care of me.

Give a vet a job.
V.A. can’t do ev’rything.
Stop whining and help.

Plaistow soap op’ra.
Town Manager and Fire Chief.
Good way to burn town.

Goal post close to road.
Windshields will all be shattered.
Bring back tennis courts.

Drive with your lights on.
Daylight savings is gone now.
We’d like to see you.

Cuts don’t help just rich.
Half the country benefits.
Half that gets welfare.

“Americans stupid.”
Says Obamacare writer.
Real reform needed.

Problem with healthcare.
Is hospital industry.
Pretty high markups.

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