Back Off in #Haiku. 11/11/14.



Trash in the canals.
Tourists don’t want to see that.
Snow blanket comes soon.

Daylight drug dealings.
Police not where I’m looking.
Only seen in dark.

Trash cans aren’t free gifts.
Scumbags are taxing us all.
Over a barrell.

Don’t shop Thanksgiving.
Take time to feel gratitude.
Keep the day sacred.

Coakley not your foe.
She didn’t give your kid the drugs.
Drug dealers did that.

Sound Off (11/10/14)

School Board in the dark.
Too many secret meetings.
Desenters tied up.

School Board in the dark.
The CIA’s less guarded.
Shadows hide big lies.

Issues and faces.
Each side took one whole collumn.
Inconsistent votes.

Flat tax is fair tax.
Ten percent is ten percent.
Give or take loopholes.

Baker ain’t said that.
Didn’t call welfare cheats Dems.
Just wants to fix things.

Only The Right cares.
The Left just wants all your money.
Privatize welfare.

Take your damn signs down.
Aren’t these just litter by now?
Fine them tomorrow.

Canobie guardrail.
Abutters are objecting.
Ruins the beauty.

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