Back Off in #Haiku. 10/30/14.



Chinese company.
Making rail cars in Springfield.
Deval’s a dumb ass.

Dracut’s old gas pumps.
About to be reopened.
Cancerous eyesore.

Dracut’s Manager.
Trying to clean up the town.

Tragic suicide.
Milked for a couple of votes.
Politicians suck.

Sound Off

Lawrence newspaper.
Charges for Veteran’s pics.
Claims it’s to honor.

Dems should be ashamed.
Using ev’ry dirty trick.
Just like the commies.

Illegals voting.
Only way the Dems can win.
Voters hate our ways.

Lantigua broke law.
Identified his party.
Should get half a year.

Bill Clinton is scum.
Yet very influential.
No wonder we’re screwed.

Sidewalks need repair.
Crumbling asphalt full of cracks.
Children walk in streets.

Casinos short fix.
They close and jobs don’t last long.
Ghost towns can be young.

Timberlane School Board.
Overpaid dysfunctionals.
Let’s take a survey.

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