Back Off In #Haiku. 10/29/14.



Dracut cleaning up.
Problem properties get fined.
Allow cure to spread.

Toxic dump ignored.
Seniors fined for not mowing.
Broadway is glowing.

Abandoned house fines.
500 dollars a day.
Lowell should do same.

That cartoon was right.
It was on page 25.
[Sun hates web readers]

Three good deeds a day.
Nature’s antidepressant.
If you leave the house.

Connector needs bumps
Or at least some rumble strips.
Nobody reads signs.

Clinton’s a lead vest.
Coakley going down with ship.
Hillary can’t help.

Sound Off

Tax & Spend Lib’rals.
Spend 80k to save half.
Dumb ass school leaders.

Timberland School Board.
8 to 1 vote to hire more.
Should have gotten temps.

Timberland School Board.
Budget all spent on PR.
Road to hell unpaved.

Thousand dollar fine.
What it takes to stop litter.
Instill them with fear.

Water and sewer.
Public Works says price can raise.
Dam all these bastards.

Dems fightin’ dirty.
Illegals can vote and drive.
The Prez kicked my nuts.

Voter ID laws.
Democrats can’t stand those things.
God bless New Hampshire.

Forces don’t ‘make men.”
Service isn’t discipline.
Send your brats to camp.

Unions are still strong.
Controlling all elections.
Votes are all paid for.

FDR’s programs.
Paved way for illegal votes.
ID laws will help.

Vote Republican.
To break two-party system.
One creates balance.

Once The Right is in.
More room for other parties.
Dems holding them back.

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