Back Off in #Haiku. 10/23/14.



Cellphone addiction.
That’s the real problem with cops.
More than birds angry.

Starbucks sells donuts.
That’s why you see police there.
Jaywalkers roam free.

Garry raised taxes.
They were part of the budget.
No budget should pass.

Whole world up in flames.
I’m blaming phones and games.
Old homes aren’t wired right.

69 years old.
More fires than I’ve ever seen.
Tragedy surrounds.

Lally article.
Bringing good shows to the Aud.
Happy to see that.

Sound Off

[Scott Brown rerun]
[They ran this one yesterday]
[Exact wording]

Gamblers dress nicely.
Seniors risking their pensions?
Straight up poppycock.

Casino hookers?
Never seen any such thing.
Not tolerated.

Casino traffic?
Not if they’re open all night.
Folks go broke in shifts.

Casino crime rates?
Absolutely zero zilch.
Your laws are the crime.

Suddenly pro-draft.
Discipline the rioters.
Give them M-16’s.

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