Back Off In #Haiku. 10/11/14.



Chelmsford schools again.
Funding issues and football.
No one taking charge.

My yard’s pretty small.
Still taxed at 4 grand a year.
Skip the teachers’ raise.

That Peter Lucas.
Wrote something I agree with.
Let him keep his job.

Real crimes in Lowell.
But I’m busted for stop signs.
Blaming the police.

Long ride on school bus.
Superintendent don’t care.
An hour is too much.

Sound Off

South Park ain’t Lib’ral.
Why the hell would you think that?
They draw Muhammad.

War on Women a crock.
Just Libs using scare tactics.
Women see thru it.

Rosary on mirror.
Why my car failed inspection.
People hate Christians.

No housing project.
Go with solar farm instead.
Better use of land.

I like casinos.
Don’t let people say they’re bad.
Keep gambling in state.

Amirault fam’ly.
All wrongfully convicted.
Martha Coakley’s fault.

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