Back Off in #Haiku. 10/9/14.



Texas phone scammers.
Saying desktop infected.
Just letting you know.

Water bottle bill.
Not just a one-time increase.
Gives state too much strength.

Boston Globe is gay.
Ev’ry story is pro-gay.
Enough with the gays.

Temporary Bridge.
Why is that the focus now?
Waiting was not done.

Gas prices shrinking.
Just so they can tax it more.
Old folks will suffer.

Mass. war on women?
It’s a democratic state.
Dems started that war.

Uninformed voters.
Finally leaving their beds.
Prayers are answered.

Sound Off

Ebola blame game.
Look towards open borders.
That’s where the blame lies.

High school running team.
Trampling our poor elderly.
Get off the sidewalk!

Steenson spends tax dough.
To fix problems she started.
Cheaper to step down.

Lawrence road repairs.
Needed by the track crossings.
Same with Andover.

Lawrence for Baker.
Republicans love this town.
Coakley did nothing.

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