Back Off in #Haiku.10/8/14.


Sound Off

Workers sacrificed.
Impressive but their own fault.
Stop MB stories.

Old folks need parking.
But teachers took all the spots.
Voting results changed.

Part-time jobs out there.
Companies avoid bennies.
Depressing era.

This ain’t your backyard.
Property of the college.
Now get off our lawn.

Art T needs a sec.
It’s been a long hard season.
All will be right soon.


Chelmsford school issues.
Investigate ev’rything.
No free rides or meals.

School budget is tight?
It’s half a million dollars.
Enough for a house.

Board of Health please come.
The Chelmsford schools need cleaning.
Children getting sick.

Tyngsboro sewer.
Money waiting to happen.
Give a shit and vote.

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