Back Off in #Haiku. 10/4/14.


Sound Off

Some schools could improve.
A’s for effort won’t pay rent.
Learning is needed.

Virus explosion.
Targeting US children.
Obama did it.

Only I noticed.
There’s an enterovirus.
Barack won’t tell you.

ATM card dropped.
Founder handed to cashier.
God bless your kind soul.

Graffiti art show.
Glorifies what we’re fighting.
Wrong message is sent.

Brady should sit down.
Don’t go out staying too long.
Legacy ruined.


Chelmsford school issues.
Business Manager to blame.
Auditors should look.

Chelmsford schools filthy.
Property values shrinking.
Admins make too much.

Department disgrace.
Chelmsford schools should be better.
Incompetence blamed.

Varnum Avenue.
Needs paving near hospital.
Winter is coming.

Kerouac’s new stone.
Thank-you for the article.
Nice picture as well.

Hillary haters.
Called her a ‘carpetbagger.’
Now voting for Brown.

Energy scammers.
Be careful of MassSave calls.
Three-hour sales lecture.

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