Back Off in #Haiku.10/2/14.



Retiree health costs.
Less bad than raises for hacks.
Common sense needed.

Butler School sand piles.
Just getting shuffled around.
Work remains untouched.

Fire department road.
To cut behind softball field.
Why wasn’t I called?

Tom unprotected.
Belichick’s reasons questioned.
Rookies are useless.

Turnpike and Mill Road.
Accidents are on their way.
Police indifferent.

Coal-fired plants closing.
Natural gas exporting.
Capacity reached.

Sound Off

Do homework and vote.
The only way to change things.
That’s November 4th.

Winter is coming.
Electric rates going up.
Old people know things.

Veteran discounts.
Chain stores make you jump through hoops.
Dunk’s can suck my balls.

Phillips Acad’my.
Buys up tax-paying houses.
Won’t give the town squat.

Leave Koch bro’s alone.
Liberals buy campaigns too.
Michael Moore is dumb.

One thought on “Back Off in #Haiku.10/2/14.

  1. Original wording from the Dunks one. Let me know if my translation seems a bit off.

    “First, I would like to thank Rep. Al Baldasaro and Sen. Sharon Carson for getting the veteran indicator on our New Hampshire licenses and the recognition it affords us. Secondly, I wish they had done just a little more research about how veterans get discounts at various establishments. I checked (online) approximately 100 establishments in New Hampshire and they all require an active duty member or veteran to have the following in their possession to get a discount: an active duty or Geneva Convention common access card (CAC), a DD Form 1173 ID card, or a DD Form 1173-1 ID card or a DD Form 2 (Retired) ID or DD214. The mere fact of having a “V” on your license will not get you a discount. This is especially true at the big box stores, where you need the DD Form 2. It’s also very hard to get a senior discount at local doughnut chain. Some stores will only give you a 10-percent discount on the beverage; while other stores, who understand the value of their senior customers, will give a senior discount of 10 percent on the entire purchase.”

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