Back Off in #Haiku. 10/1/14.


Sound Off

Graffiti artists.
Deserve to be imprisoned.
Punish more than crime.

Beheading in states.
The media ignores it.
No stories at all.

Islam is violence.
It’s their big central doctrine.
Peace thru submission.

National Grid rates.
Kick my balls with your hands tied.
Those aren’t real handcuffs.

Grades are pretty low.
But did you see the school play?
Very impressive.

Energy rates up.
Because Obama hates coal.
That son of a bitch.


Listen to Malkin.
Too bad she isn’t running.
Dems should hear her out.

Coakley campaigning.
Rather than regulating.
Bills raising sharply.

Groundwar with ISIS.
Air strikes just aren’t gonna work.
We must pay the price.

Big golf tournament.
States not well represented.
We’re all embarrassed.

Two carpetbaggers:
Warren is from Oklahoma.
Leave Scott Brown alone.

We need a bookstore.
That will bring downtown to life.
Maybe a Borders.

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