Back Off in #Haiku. 9/17/14.


[Duck Duck at The Safe.
Never saw them way back then.
This Saturday night.]

Sound Off

Stop blaming Junior.
Just because we blamed Clinton.
Time to move forward.

Those New Hampshire Dems.
The elections will see fraud.
Remain vigilant.

Why are folks hungry?
So many free meals out there.
Shelter staff eat all.

Fair wages won’t hurt.
Folks do work hard for nothing.
Far-right drivel fails.

Timberlane School Board.
One person asking questions.
Want answers Not smirks.


Southside of Howe Bridge.
People block intersection.
Ought to be a law.

Nepotism dies.
Good people will apply now.
Schools become wiser.

Nepotism gone.
A groundbreaking idea.
The good call arrives.

Water bottles.
Smaller issue than smoke butts.
No one drinks water.

Sex is worse than war.
Stop picking on Dick Cheney.
He never got blown.

Bus stops too often.
One block after another.
Calories unused.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/16/14.



I used to subscribe to them.
It’s kind of a shame.

Enforce the gun laws.
What is wrong with all our courts?
One year’s all We ask.

Hannaford worked hard.
But also raised their prices.
Don’t praise them too much.

Groton Fire Station.
Only cost 7 million.
Chelmsford overpayed.

Beggars on cellphones.
And they have their own union.
Riches dressed in rags.

Bombing starts next week.
Thanks for telling the bad guys.
Should Pearl Harbor them.

Bob Kraft plays along.
Doesn’t question the Rice spin.
Take a stab at why.

Bill’rica Council.
Meeting was over four hours.
Of wrestling promos.

(No Sound Off today)

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/15/14.



Immigrant housing.
But nothing for veterans.
That’s just plain messed up.

Hit Roger Goodel.
That might get you some time off.
And some T-shirt sales.

Burned out old buildings.
Make Pawtucketville look bad.
Worse than Billerica.

Free ad for Jimmy.
Bashing Fiscal Alliance.
Geoff Hall gave fifteen.

Thank-you to Geoff Hall.
I like Jim Arciero.
He don’t fight dirty.

Someone saved my dog.
Chihuahuas are not chew toys.
Munchkin is alright.

Dick Cheney’s advice?
That’s what Repubs are seeking?
Ev’rybody duck!

Don’t give to beggars.
You’ll only encourage them.
Ruining the mall.

Texter in Jetta.
Keeps veering into traffic.
I’m on my phone too.

Called for low turnout.
Should have encouraged people.
Lazy in the Sun.

Sound Off

Killing the country.
Because you feel entitled.
Rather than work hard.

15 bucks an hour.
For working at McDonald’s?
What should real jobs pay?

Medicinal pot.
Have scientists studied that?
I don’t think they have.

That damn Tea Party.
Hurts Republicans chances.
That hurts white people.

Bush 2 was the worst.
Look at all the shit he did.
Makes this Prez look mint.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/13/14.


[I’m horrible with names and faces. Somebody recognized me outside of Brew’d a few days ago. Could have been an old coworker, an immediate relative, Tobes, or myself from the future traveling back to warn me about something and then having a really bad ADD moment. And all I could do was say “hey, good to see you, man” like I had something resembling a clue. Anyway, I apologize to you completely. I’m sure you’re awesome. Here’s some haiku.]


We do have gun laws.
Mandatory year in jail.
I’d like enforcement.

Let’s make it five years.
That’ll make them register.
Get your guns legal.

Police Dept. needs help.
Third largest in the whole state.
Blaming the Commish.

I wish I could vote.
But couldn’t due to traffic.
I’d vote for one-ways.

Backtalk in #Haiku. 9/12/14.


Teddy Roosevelt.
A President with some balls.
Not like Obama.

Punish dog beaters.
I’m glad we can do that now.
It needs to be done.

Thank-you for waiting.
Arty T. is back in charge.
Give yourselves a pat.

Prez stands up for broads.
But not for our veterans.
Guess he doesn’t care.

I’m a Blowellian.
And I hate the new 2-ways.
Going back to Hull.

Drumhill town marker.
This needs to be repaired now.
Ruins the beauty.

Lowell Catholic.
Took all Chelmsford’s best teachers.
At least five of them.

Hannaford workers.
Please stand up and take a bow.
You get credit too.

[No Sound Off today]

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/11/14.



Library boneheads.
Won’t let some guy move a house.
Those bookworm bullies.

Bridge near Francis Gate.
Won’t be fixed for one more year.
Whose folly is this?

Beggars over-dressed.
Stop getting Dunkin’s coffee.
Settle for McD’s.

Michelle Malkin’s right.
We should deport Tsarnaev girls.
Kick’em to Russia.

Tell kids lies are bad.
Then you vote for Obama.
Hang your head in shame.

Selectman read Sun.
That’s their only info source.
We’re completely screwed.

Sound Off

Pot creates zombies.
Your phone calls are monitored.
Dems hate ‘merica.

Use your turn signal.
This involves putting phone down.
But you can do it.

Water department.
Quickly fixed a broken main.
Didn’t miss supper.

Schools closed for voters.
Keeps strangers away from kids.
Teachers are lazy.

We are all judges.
Simply part of our nature.
Judge me for judging.

Art T. hobnobbing.
Take your rabble rousers home.
Cease tomfoolery.

Increase minimum.
McDonald’s can afford to.
Times should be changing.

When people are stabbing each other for meatballs, it means we need more meatballs.

Baltimore Sun

A dispute between two employees of a Fallston business over a meatball during lunch Thursday led to a stabbing, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies were called around 11:10 a.m. to the business in the 2300 block of Belair Road, where they learned there had been an argument over one employee eating the other’s meatball from his lunch, Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Cristie Kahler said.

A fight ensued and the employee who had eaten the meatball was stabbed in the arm by the employee whose lunch he had taken the meatball from, Kahler said.

The victim, a 36-year-old Aberdeen man, was taken to a local hospital and later discharged.

The assailant, a 31-year-old Edgewood man, fled the scene.

An arrest warrant has been issued but the man had not been served as of Tuesday afternoon, Kahler said.

To be honest, this story is less a story about poor behavior among two colleagues in the work place and more of a story on society’s current relationship with the meatball.  Back in the day, it was nothing but “Spaghetti and Meatball this” and “Meatball that”…Americans dinner tables were just lousy with meatballs.  It was all about meatballs.  People even started being defined by their meatballs…how big, how rotund, how soft, and how juicy:

“Have you heard from Bill at all lately?”

“Which Bill?  Bill with the meatballs that are so big that they make him walk funny? Or Bill down the street who lost one of his meatballs when he was hopping a chain link fence running from the Cops in high school?” 

Now, it’s a totally different story.  I have north of 450 contacts in my phone and I’m fairly certain not one of them knows how to roll a meatball.  Meatballs are so scarce that some of us have no qualms about stabbing coworkers just to get a little nibble.  We need more Meatballs!  Go ahead moms everywhere; keep rolling out that cute meatless veggie red sauce bullshit on spaghetti night.  It’s only a matter of time before your kid is pawning your wedding bands to get their next meatball fix.  We’re seeing it all too often these days.  If you don’t want little Suzie hanging out behind the bowling alley in a year or two, “creatively” generating cash for meatballs, then it’s time to start rolling that meat!

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/10/14.



[No Backtalk today].

Football takes too long.

Ev’ry call getting questioned.

Ain’t got time for this.


Don’t want low-end pay?

Then learn more than low-end work.

No one’s fault but yours.


Old kids play better.

Flunk them and you’ll win more games.

Because they’re bigger.


“First rule: do no harm.”

That’s why Obama’s cautious.

Too much blood been spilt.

What you should realistically expect to hear from Roger Goodell….


pic from

I’m not posting the video as it’s depressingly savage…if not the punch, the image of Ray waiting for the doors to open to drag his unconscious fiancé off the elevator.  If you’re curious, it can be found everywhere but here.   

At this point, you’ve got to be wondering, “How omnipotent is the NFL shield? ” Like society’s benchmark for deplorable doesn’t seem to apply at all, and in that regard, it doesn’t seem that the league itself cares to align itself with that standard in any way shape or form.  While the general public expects a reasonably measured response from Rog and crew,  I expect more of the usual bull shit coming from New York:

“Did anyone read that story about the NBA booting yet another racist owner from their ranks?  You’d think it was 1954, not 2014. Shameful.”  –Roger Goodell 

“It’s frustrating to me as a commissioner when these occurrences happen because it takes away from all the good that we’re doing as a league.  Like it’s been almost a full calendar year since one of our players has been indicted for murder…which ya know…on paper, is worse than domestic violence.” –Roger Goodell

“Yes it is true that we received a copy of this tape last week, but we delayed comment and action until our experts could determine beyond a reasonable doubt that this wasn’t part of “the Fappening.” –Roger Goodell

“As part of our expanded emphasis on long term health and to demonstrate our commitment to the absolute abolishment of major head trauma from the NFL…player’s wives, girlfriends, and sidepieces will receive a female adaptive version of Wes Welker’s helmet to be worn at all times.  Removal of the helmet will result in a league imposed fine for 1st time offenders, and an automatic season suspension and mandatory counseling for repeat offenders.  And for our female fans, a pink replica will be available in all official team stores and for the duration of Break Cancer Awareness Month.” –Roger Goodell

“With regard to our young fans’ exposure to this event through the prism of Madden Football, our partners at EA Sports have agreed to also take action per our request.  While Ray Rice cannot be physically removed from the game, Ray Rice’s player rating will be adjusted retroactively.  Gamers deploying Ray Rice will see a marginal increase in Strength Rating (STR-92) and Elusiveness (ELV-87…not to be confused with “elevator.”), and a significant decrease in Awareness (AWR-72), and Personality Rating (PER-70).” –Roger Goodell

“While it’s hard to find any ray of light…sorry, no pun intended…in such a dark situation, it should be noted that the cutting of Ray Rice now makes this by rule, a technical knock-out (TKO), and a win for Jannay Palmer.  That’s at least good for bragging rights.  Speaking of bragging rights, have you and your friends registered to play NFL Fantasy Football on” –Roger Goodell

“Our players are the most finely tuned athletes in the world, programmed to endure and distribute physical punishment on a 57.6 thousand square foot battlefield.  I’m not really sure why the make elevators so small?  We’re in early discussions with engineers over at OTIS to consider NFL friendly adaptations to their future models.” –Roger Goodell

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/9/14.



Best Labor Story?
Sure as hell not DeMoulas.
Learn your history.

Art T. is classy.
The perfect definition.
Really love that guy.

Comedian praised.
But soldiers are forgotten.
Damn you Obama.

Littleton’s birthday.
Kids came from Colorado.
They wore cowboy hats!

Never leave the house.
Just stay in your own country.
Much safer that way.

Sound Off

I love MRI’s.
They’re so much roomier now.
Skip the valium.

10-day strike limit.
Just doesn’t make any sense.
Strikes don’t work that way.

Central Catholic.
They’re totally beatable.
Teams have beaten them.

Central Catholic.
Kids don’t come here for the sports.
It’s just a good school.

Bread and Roses strike.
They wanted better treatment.
How’s that not the same?

No sample ballots.
What kind of website is this?
Councilors just don’t care.
-Salem, NH