Back Off in #Haiku. 9/20/14.



Agreement completely reached.
Head removed from ass.

Nepotism stays.
Naive to think otherwise.
This is what we learn.

Vote out incumbents.
Get rid of all these damn bums.
Bring in some fresh bums.

Ebola spreads fast.
Bigger threat than al-Qaida.
What’s our game plan here?

Rep Arciero.
Speaking up for Veterans.
Not for aliens.

Secretary of State.
Looks like he got some work done.
Only on his face.

We don’t need sidewalks.
Nobody walks in Chelmsford.
Can’t afford schools now.

I don’t like Coakley.
I don’t wanna back Coakley.
Switching to Baker.

Sound Off

Booze is good for you.
Lowers chance of heart attack.
Can’t say that of pot.

Coakley campaigning.
Why not investigating?
She was in Lawrence.

[Where is Timberland?]
[Near Hampton and Exeter?]
[Some School Board drama].

Coakley in Lawrence.
Safer now Lantigua’s gone.
She let him go clean.

Bush really did suck.
We’re not just blaming the guy.
All kids make mistakes.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/19/14.



Ethnic groups help best.
We need their help with the gangs.
Grant money arrived.

UML resort.
No need to leave the campus.
Wealth remains unspread.

Everett casino.
Not the greatest idea.
Ugliness of vice.

Fight for bottle bill.
Make the streets even cleaner.
That’s not Gatorade.

Not all shows are good.
The Aud must understand this.
I will not sit down.

Hannaford workers.
Shipped in from other places.
Costs rose to cover.

No Sound Off today.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/18/14.


[Duck Duck reunion.
This Saturday at 9 I think.
Over at The Safe].


Street crossing classes.
UML should offer those.
Two ways to get hit.

School nepotism.
Glad we nipped that in the bud.
All teachers same name.

Homeless get free phones.
Hard for tents to get landlines.
Need one to get work.

My bro wasn’t hired.
Job went to a phone girl’s kid.
Glad those days are gone.

Emperor Nero.
Played the fiddle while Rome burned.
Clubs and swords both swing.

Hannaford workers.
Great job with the extra work.
Clapping continues.

History must die.
Let building owners move on.
Lowell loves changes.

Smokestack has fallen.
A lightning rod us missing.
Hard thing to misplace.

This is just too much.
Water bottle deposits?
Masses awaken.

[No Sound Off today]

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/17/14.


[Duck Duck at The Safe.
Never saw them way back then.
This Saturday night.]

Sound Off

Stop blaming Junior.
Just because we blamed Clinton.
Time to move forward.

Those New Hampshire Dems.
The elections will see fraud.
Remain vigilant.

Why are folks hungry?
So many free meals out there.
Shelter staff eat all.

Fair wages won’t hurt.
Folks do work hard for nothing.
Far-right drivel fails.

Timberlane School Board.
One person asking questions.
Want answers Not smirks.


Southside of Howe Bridge.
People block intersection.
Ought to be a law.

Nepotism dies.
Good people will apply now.
Schools become wiser.

Nepotism gone.
A groundbreaking idea.
The good call arrives.

Water bottles.
Smaller issue than smoke butts.
No one drinks water.

Sex is worse than war.
Stop picking on Dick Cheney.
He never got blown.

Bus stops too often.
One block after another.
Calories unused.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/16/14.



I used to subscribe to them.
It’s kind of a shame.

Enforce the gun laws.
What is wrong with all our courts?
One year’s all We ask.

Hannaford worked hard.
But also raised their prices.
Don’t praise them too much.

Groton Fire Station.
Only cost 7 million.
Chelmsford overpayed.

Beggars on cellphones.
And they have their own union.
Riches dressed in rags.

Bombing starts next week.
Thanks for telling the bad guys.
Should Pearl Harbor them.

Bob Kraft plays along.
Doesn’t question the Rice spin.
Take a stab at why.

Bill’rica Council.
Meeting was over four hours.
Of wrestling promos.

(No Sound Off today)

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/15/14.



Immigrant housing.
But nothing for veterans.
That’s just plain messed up.

Hit Roger Goodel.
That might get you some time off.
And some T-shirt sales.

Burned out old buildings.
Make Pawtucketville look bad.
Worse than Billerica.

Free ad for Jimmy.
Bashing Fiscal Alliance.
Geoff Hall gave fifteen.

Thank-you to Geoff Hall.
I like Jim Arciero.
He don’t fight dirty.

Someone saved my dog.
Chihuahuas are not chew toys.
Munchkin is alright.

Dick Cheney’s advice?
That’s what Repubs are seeking?
Ev’rybody duck!

Don’t give to beggars.
You’ll only encourage them.
Ruining the mall.

Texter in Jetta.
Keeps veering into traffic.
I’m on my phone too.

Called for low turnout.
Should have encouraged people.
Lazy in the Sun.

Sound Off

Killing the country.
Because you feel entitled.
Rather than work hard.

15 bucks an hour.
For working at McDonald’s?
What should real jobs pay?

Medicinal pot.
Have scientists studied that?
I don’t think they have.

That damn Tea Party.
Hurts Republicans chances.
That hurts white people.

Bush 2 was the worst.
Look at all the shit he did.
Makes this Prez look mint.

Back Off in #Haiku. 9/13/14.


[I’m horrible with names and faces. Somebody recognized me outside of Brew’d a few days ago. Could have been an old coworker, an immediate relative, Tobes, or myself from the future traveling back to warn me about something and then having a really bad ADD moment. And all I could do was say “hey, good to see you, man” like I had something resembling a clue. Anyway, I apologize to you completely. I’m sure you’re awesome. Here’s some haiku.]


We do have gun laws.
Mandatory year in jail.
I’d like enforcement.

Let’s make it five years.
That’ll make them register.
Get your guns legal.

Police Dept. needs help.
Third largest in the whole state.
Blaming the Commish.

I wish I could vote.
But couldn’t due to traffic.
I’d vote for one-ways.