Back Off in #Haiku. 9/30/14.


[I used to run a disclaimer at the beginning of this, explaining that all I’m doing is taking a couple of columns from the local papers made from messages left by anonymous callers and translating them into haiku. Again, I take absolutely no credit for anything you might mistake for creativity. My only job is to count to five, count to seven, and count to five again. Half the time I don’t even get that right. Anyway, figured I’d run the disclaimer again just in case anybody wasn’t sure what was going on here. Thank-you.]


40 percent raise?
Not way can we afford that.
Not with Obama.

Kids should wash their hands.
To stop enterovirus.
No more sharing food.

New fire department.
Should double as soup kitchen.
We can’t pay for it.

Ryder Cup golfers.
Worse than a pack of school kids.
Embarrassed nation.

Obama can’t speak.
Looked bad on 60 Minutes.
He should just step down.

Football commercials.
86 during Pat’s game.
Not buying that stuff.

Sound Off

Going with the Dem.
Most State seats are filled by Dems.
Repubs get drowned out.

Holder has resigned.
Worst AG we’ve ever had.
Barrack should follow.

We all know Bush lied.
But Obama does that too.
No one brings him up.

Casinos are bad.
They mean money leaves our towns.
Makes them Springsteen songs.

Welfare millionaire.
We’re paying for their lawyers.
Damn you Obama.

Lawrence ain’t D.R.
You come here learn our language.
Old country stay back.

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