Back Off in #Haiku. 9/25/14.



Bikes strollers scooters.
Unruly pedestrians.
Roadrage justified.

Market Street was clean.
Rush hour mile without issue.
Something is working.

Gas prices go down.
Only close to November.
Incumbent control.

Speed limit increase.
Change it to the current speeds.
Then we’re not speeding.

Primary losers.
Signs still all over the place.
We can’t tell who won.

Warren has money.
Can’t relate to working class.
She should go poor first.

James Arciero.
Voted against tax increase.
Told me on the phone.

Sound Off

War is circular.
Religious folks are crazy.
Churchill got it right.

TB in Texas.
Immigrant babies spread death.
Obama’s sick plan.

Salem says ‘no salt.’
They only want casinos.
Salt sheds are ugly.

Haverhill tax increase.
Going straight into pockets.
Bonuses unearned.

But love scratchies and bingo.
Bunch of hypocrits.

Nobel Prize winner.
Bombing mostly Muslim lands.
Can’t name all seven.

Bad expensive roads.
Worst and costliest in states.
Tax increase wasted.

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