Back Off in #Haiku. 9/22/14.



Firearm homicides.
Most are by violent young men.
Keep them in your sites.

Support bottle bill.
Eliminate all this trash.
Finders will buy things.

Guys sifting through my trash.
Bottle bill adds to problem.
From nomads to hordes.

Jaywalking problem.
Police need to crack down here.
Green light shines briefly.

Dracut school spending.
No room for curtains in gym.
So much I can’t see.

Stop n Shop cashiers.
Let’s hear it for these fine folks.
Qualified to teach.

Four months vacation.
Seems excessive in these days.
Astronauts can see.

A gambler’s question:
How many accidents on Rourke?
Winter is coming.

Sound Off

Prez ignores experts.
ISIS being done his way.
Page Doctor Strangelove.

Glad for Garcia.
But she’s anti-casino.
Salem will haunt her.

Candidate Barrack.
Said he was against dumb wars.
Training future foes.

Vote you lazy bums.
Why the hell weren’t you out there?
Disgusting babies.

Central Catholic.
New field for losers to blame.
We recruited it.

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