Back Off in #Haiku. 9/20/14.



Agreement completely reached.
Head removed from ass.

Nepotism stays.
Naive to think otherwise.
This is what we learn.

Vote out incumbents.
Get rid of all these damn bums.
Bring in some fresh bums.

Ebola spreads fast.
Bigger threat than al-Qaida.
What’s our game plan here?

Rep Arciero.
Speaking up for Veterans.
Not for aliens.

Secretary of State.
Looks like he got some work done.
Only on his face.

We don’t need sidewalks.
Nobody walks in Chelmsford.
Can’t afford schools now.

I don’t like Coakley.
I don’t wanna back Coakley.
Switching to Baker.

Sound Off

Booze is good for you.
Lowers chance of heart attack.
Can’t say that of pot.

Coakley campaigning.
Why not investigating?
She was in Lawrence.

[Where is Timberland?]
[Near Hampton and Exeter?]
[Some School Board drama].

Coakley in Lawrence.
Safer now Lantigua’s gone.
She let him go clean.

Bush really did suck.
We’re not just blaming the guy.
All kids make mistakes.

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