Back Off in #Haiku. 9/18/14.


[Duck Duck reunion.
This Saturday at 9 I think.
Over at The Safe].


Street crossing classes.
UML should offer those.
Two ways to get hit.

School nepotism.
Glad we nipped that in the bud.
All teachers same name.

Homeless get free phones.
Hard for tents to get landlines.
Need one to get work.

My bro wasn’t hired.
Job went to a phone girl’s kid.
Glad those days are gone.

Emperor Nero.
Played the fiddle while Rome burned.
Clubs and swords both swing.

Hannaford workers.
Great job with the extra work.
Clapping continues.

History must die.
Let building owners move on.
Lowell loves changes.

Smokestack has fallen.
A lightning rod us missing.
Hard thing to misplace.

This is just too much.
Water bottle deposits?
Masses awaken.

[No Sound Off today]

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