Back Off in #Haiku. 9/17/14.


[Duck Duck at The Safe.
Never saw them way back then.
This Saturday night.]

Sound Off

Stop blaming Junior.
Just because we blamed Clinton.
Time to move forward.

Those New Hampshire Dems.
The elections will see fraud.
Remain vigilant.

Why are folks hungry?
So many free meals out there.
Shelter staff eat all.

Fair wages won’t hurt.
Folks do work hard for nothing.
Far-right drivel fails.

Timberlane School Board.
One person asking questions.
Want answers Not smirks.


Southside of Howe Bridge.
People block intersection.
Ought to be a law.

Nepotism dies.
Good people will apply now.
Schools become wiser.

Nepotism gone.
A groundbreaking idea.
The good call arrives.

Water bottles.
Smaller issue than smoke butts.
No one drinks water.

Sex is worse than war.
Stop picking on Dick Cheney.
He never got blown.

Bus stops too often.
One block after another.
Calories unused.

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