Back Off in #Haiku. 9/16/14.



I used to subscribe to them.
It’s kind of a shame.

Enforce the gun laws.
What is wrong with all our courts?
One year’s all We ask.

Hannaford worked hard.
But also raised their prices.
Don’t praise them too much.

Groton Fire Station.
Only cost 7 million.
Chelmsford overpayed.

Beggars on cellphones.
And they have their own union.
Riches dressed in rags.

Bombing starts next week.
Thanks for telling the bad guys.
Should Pearl Harbor them.

Bob Kraft plays along.
Doesn’t question the Rice spin.
Take a stab at why.

Bill’rica Council.
Meeting was over four hours.
Of wrestling promos.

(No Sound Off today)

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