Back Off in #Haiku. 9/15/14.



Immigrant housing.
But nothing for veterans.
That’s just plain messed up.

Hit Roger Goodel.
That might get you some time off.
And some T-shirt sales.

Burned out old buildings.
Make Pawtucketville look bad.
Worse than Billerica.

Free ad for Jimmy.
Bashing Fiscal Alliance.
Geoff Hall gave fifteen.

Thank-you to Geoff Hall.
I like Jim Arciero.
He don’t fight dirty.

Someone saved my dog.
Chihuahuas are not chew toys.
Munchkin is alright.

Dick Cheney’s advice?
That’s what Repubs are seeking?
Ev’rybody duck!

Don’t give to beggars.
You’ll only encourage them.
Ruining the mall.

Texter in Jetta.
Keeps veering into traffic.
I’m on my phone too.

Called for low turnout.
Should have encouraged people.
Lazy in the Sun.

Sound Off

Killing the country.
Because you feel entitled.
Rather than work hard.

15 bucks an hour.
For working at McDonald’s?
What should real jobs pay?

Medicinal pot.
Have scientists studied that?
I don’t think they have.

That damn Tea Party.
Hurts Republicans chances.
That hurts white people.

Bush 2 was the worst.
Look at all the shit he did.
Makes this Prez look mint.

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