Back Off in #Haiku. 9/13/14.


[I’m horrible with names and faces. Somebody recognized me outside of Brew’d a few days ago. Could have been an old coworker, an immediate relative, Tobes, or myself from the future traveling back to warn me about something and then having a really bad ADD moment. And all I could do was say “hey, good to see you, man” like I had something resembling a clue. Anyway, I apologize to you completely. I’m sure you’re awesome. Here’s some haiku.]


We do have gun laws.
Mandatory year in jail.
I’d like enforcement.

Let’s make it five years.
That’ll make them register.
Get your guns legal.

Police Dept. needs help.
Third largest in the whole state.
Blaming the Commish.

I wish I could vote.
But couldn’t due to traffic.
I’d vote for one-ways.

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