Backtalk in #Haiku. 9/12/14.


Teddy Roosevelt.
A President with some balls.
Not like Obama.

Punish dog beaters.
I’m glad we can do that now.
It needs to be done.

Thank-you for waiting.
Arty T. is back in charge.
Give yourselves a pat.

Prez stands up for broads.
But not for our veterans.
Guess he doesn’t care.

I’m a Blowellian.
And I hate the new 2-ways.
Going back to Hull.

Drumhill town marker.
This needs to be repaired now.
Ruins the beauty.

Lowell Catholic.
Took all Chelmsford’s best teachers.
At least five of them.

Hannaford workers.
Please stand up and take a bow.
You get credit too.

[No Sound Off today]

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