Back Off in #Haiku. 9/11/14.



Library boneheads.
Won’t let some guy move a house.
Those bookworm bullies.

Bridge near Francis Gate.
Won’t be fixed for one more year.
Whose folly is this?

Beggars over-dressed.
Stop getting Dunkin’s coffee.
Settle for McD’s.

Michelle Malkin’s right.
We should deport Tsarnaev girls.
Kick’em to Russia.

Tell kids lies are bad.
Then you vote for Obama.
Hang your head in shame.

Selectman read Sun.
That’s their only info source.
We’re completely screwed.

Sound Off

Pot creates zombies.
Your phone calls are monitored.
Dems hate ‘merica.

Use your turn signal.
This involves putting phone down.
But you can do it.

Water department.
Quickly fixed a broken main.
Didn’t miss supper.

Schools closed for voters.
Keeps strangers away from kids.
Teachers are lazy.

We are all judges.
Simply part of our nature.
Judge me for judging.

Art T. hobnobbing.
Take your rabble rousers home.
Cease tomfoolery.

Increase minimum.
McDonald’s can afford to.
Times should be changing.

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