Back Off in #Haiku. 9/9/14.



Best Labor Story?
Sure as hell not DeMoulas.
Learn your history.

Art T. is classy.
The perfect definition.
Really love that guy.

Comedian praised.
But soldiers are forgotten.
Damn you Obama.

Littleton’s birthday.
Kids came from Colorado.
They wore cowboy hats!

Never leave the house.
Just stay in your own country.
Much safer that way.

Sound Off

I love MRI’s.
They’re so much roomier now.
Skip the valium.

10-day strike limit.
Just doesn’t make any sense.
Strikes don’t work that way.

Central Catholic.
They’re totally beatable.
Teams have beaten them.

Central Catholic.
Kids don’t come here for the sports.
It’s just a good school.

Bread and Roses strike.
They wanted better treatment.
How’s that not the same?

No sample ballots.
What kind of website is this?
Councilors just don’t care.
-Salem, NH

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