Back Off in #Haiku. 9/5/14.



“Islam extremists.
Shouldn’t bring knives to gun fights.”
-Shooting Range Rambo

Terrible design.
I hate waiting in traffic.
Let’s throw in some cops.

Scares away business.
No one wants to sit through this.
No traffic before.

Rush hour was real bad.
Go back to making rockets.
I’m having nightmares.

MB back to norm.
Not a single parking spot.
Other guys empty.

Plant stolen from grave.
What goes around comes around.
You friggin’ scumbag.

Non – emergency.
They didn’t respond at all.
What are they there for?

Sound Off

Lost a friend last year.
Tell your friends that you love them.
Losses remembered.

MB expenses.
It’s true that they’re increasing.
But so is business.

Boycott successful.
Such a heartwarming story.
History was made.

“Not a tragedy.”
Uniting of human souls.
Art T’s words are true.

People at Dinkins.
Never put their damn phones down.
Prob’ly drive like that.

Plaistow Police Force.
Want a resume from Jones.
Let’s just vote her in.

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