Back Off in #Haiku. 9/4/14.


Carpetbagger Brown.
Nothing but a bunch of talk.
Pollies should lift cars.

Cronies don’t fix things.
Loss of Lahiff solved nothing.
Murph should think stuff through.

Mister President.
All I hear you do is talk.
I wanna see blood.

Portrait is Pat’s call.
They’ll hang it if he asks them.
He don’t give a shit.

Two-way double park.
Cops completely ignore it.
Tow all the bastards.

Walk bikes across streets.
Cars can block intersections.
You deserved your spill.

Sound Off

Boards can hold their breath.
Ten-day strike rule makes no sense.
I’m not turning blue.

Send in the cashiers.
Followed by waves of baggers.
Invade Washington.

Together we can.
Nothing us impossible.
Clean-up in produce.

Glad MB ain’t gov.
No way it’d be back this fast.
Shut down till vacay.

Bikers respect signs.
And laws that single them out.
Can’t get back to sleep.

Digital speed signs.
Most drivers respect those reads.
To some they’re a game.

Minimum wages.
Useless without price controls.
Landlords want their cut.

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