VINDICATED!!! The gig is up, Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Well look what we have here.  I’ve been saying for years that Sponge Bob Square Pants was nothing but a little bitch, and everyone was like, “There goes Tobes again, talking all kinds of shit” and “That’s just Tobes spouting off nonsense without any shred of proof .“  Well here you go fellas…Exhibited A, B, C and D.  We got Mr Square Pants himself sitting on the sidelines like a big puss while Mickey shod foots a guy to death with his furry mouse feet.   And per usual, there’s Sponge Bob doing nothing but hopping on the top of the pile like he’s Junior Seau trying to get extra tackle stats.  He probably unloaded tails of his bravado all night to any poor sap that would listen.  F’n Sponge Bob.  That guy sucks.

PS.  When faced with the scenario of being rushed by van full of Furries, coming out of it with your clothes on and a mild concussion is the best possible outcome, right?

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