Back Off in #Haiku. 9/3/14.


Art should fire The Board.
Then team with Aaron Feuerstein.
Best tag team ever.

Art T. has his stores.
My wife can strut the aisles.
That’s all I wanted.

Guns laws just don’t work.
Why have any laws at all?
Politicians suck.

Happy for MB.
Just really really happy.
Just proud and happy.

Good MB reports.
All the way through the story.

Cars almost hit me.
Spilled my bike and got some help.
Thanking the helpers.

Centralville clean-up.
Looks to be needed again.
I’m volunteering.

Sound Off

Adopt an island.
There’s like a hundred of’ em.
We’re calling them ‘parks.’

Nice guys don’t wear jeans.
Firefighters should wear suits.
Dungarees look poor.

Won’t vote for Rand Paul.
I like hearing what he says.
He’s no hypocrite.

All the shoppers lost.
Prices will have to go up.
Starving by winter.

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