Back Off in #Haiku. 9/2/14.


DPW don’t work.
Wasting all my tax dollars.
I’m pretty upset.

Busses run later.
Dealing with the 2-way streets.
Missing connections.

Drug dealers go home.
Go back to your home country.
Dealers aren’t from here.

Prez press conference.
Interrupted Judge Judy.
Thank-you Obama.

Blaming the union.
Whole story might be hogwash.
But it’s union’s fault.

Let’s bring back the draft.
Just don’t have enough fighters.
ISIS is coming.

Sound Off

Talents are money.
Worth about 2 million bucks.
That’s what Jesus meant.

Lots of pride here.
Proud of Art and the workers.
Proud of the whole fam.

The MB movie.
Let’s get Tucci and Stamos.
Buying tickets now.

Analogy sucked.
Incomplete anatomy.
Art T is the balls.

Still the customers.
Without us nothing would change.
Good to see them though.

The gov should stand back.
Not helpful with anything.
Workers fight their fights.

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